2010 Championship Bull Riding Season Recap

The 2010 CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors held its Tour Finale this past weekend in Kansas City.  Jake Littlefield won the first night, while Steve Woolsey took home the winner's check Saturday night.  Both guys made a late run and finished in the top five in the season standings.  

Shippy/Brand X/Amber Luedke won the bull team competition on Friday night after a great performance by Thunder Down Under and company.  Team Neckover (Danny Reagan) won the competition Saturday night after consistent and solid trips from all three bulls.  All of the riders and contractors listed above deserve a lot of credit for finishing the season on a high note.

The 2011 Horizon Series season starts this Saturday night in Longview, TX, so the riders won't have much time to reflect on the past year.  Before that, however, we are going to take another look back at the 2010 season and honor the best of the best.  Championship Bull Riding had its greatest year ever, and things are only going to get better as we move into 2011.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page.

Luke Kelley- 2010 CBR World Champion

Luke Kelley rode more bulls than any other CBR rider this year, and he definitely earned the 2010 CBR World Title.  He was consistent the entire season, but he really turned things on during the Fall Run.  He won the Horizon Series Finals in Bossier City in late August, and that moved him into the top spot in the season standings.  Kelley never lost that spot.  His event win in Lubbock along with the $10,000 Mahindra Tractors Texas Swing bonus locked things up heading into Kansas City for the Tour Finale.

Luke Kelley rode right at 50 percent of his bulls in 2010, and he won two events on the CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors.  He racked up an incredible 11 top-10 finishes, and he was 90 points or better five separate occasions.  There is no doubt he was the best rider in Championship Bull Riding this season.  After the $100,000 bonus for winning the 2010 CBR World Title, Kelley finished the season with $159,478!

It's also worth mentioning the remaining riders who finished in the top five this season because those guys got a year-end bonus as well.  Steve Woolsey, the winner on night two in Kansas City, moved from sixth to second the last day to end the season with $67,635.  Elliot Jacoby finished the season third with $55,077.  Ardie Maier, who had to miss the Tour Finale following knee surgery, finished fourth with $42,778.  Jake Littlefield won the first night in Kansas City, and the victory moved him inside the top five to end the season.  He finished fifth with $37,243.

Dakota Magic's Double Scoop- 2010 CBR Bucking Bull of the Year
The 2010 CBR Bucking Bull of the Year race was a very tight one, but Dakota Magic's Double Scoop won the title after a phenomenal year.  The riders won five events on this bull, including Jake Littlefield's victory on night one in Kansas City this past weekend.  Double Scoop was ridden seven out of eight times in 2010, and the average ride score was 91 points.  Every time the guys rode him, they were 90 points or better.  That's the record of an amazing animal athlete, and he was very deserving of the award.  Congratulations are in order for Bryce Cooper, Heath Scruggs, and All Star.

Benny Cude's Cude Energy deserves some credit as well.  He battled with Dakota Magic's Double Scoop most of the season, but he suffered an injury in Lubbock the week before the Tour Finale.  The riders won three big events on him this season, and he is always one the guys like to draw or pick.  Cude Energy is only five, so he will be back for another run in 2011.  He will surely be a factor in next year's CBR Bull of the Year race.

Brad Vogele- 2010 CBR Stock Contractor of the Year
The bull riders get a lot of the attention, but things wouldn't work without the bulls.  In addition, the great bulls wouldn't be there without all the great stock contractors.  In 2010, Brad Vogele stood above the rest and was named the 2010 CBR Stock Contractor of the Year.  He is a class act, and he helped out in numerous ways at CBR events throughout the year.

Vogele's pen of bulls is outstanding to say the least.  Some of the most notable include Black Gold, Luca Brazzi, Kickeye, Rena's Pet, Soul Train, Schuffler, Drop Tine, etc.  He is a huge asset to the CBR, and he will be in the running in 2011 as well.

Brandon Loden- 2010 Waggin Train Dog Treats Bullfighter of the Year
The Waggin Train Dog Treats bullfighters are among the best in the world at what they do, and the one who stood above the rest in 2010 was Brandon Loden.  He always seems to be in the right place at the right time, and while he has taken some shots this season, he has made the arena a much safer place for the CBR riders.  He has made some amazing saves throughout the year, and he is very deserving of this award.  Loden suffered an injury in Kansas City this past weekend, but I'm sure he will do whatever it takes to get back for 2011.

2010 CBR Bull Team Competition
The CBR Bull Team competition debuted in the middle of 2009, but 2010 was its first full season.  Scott Burruss and Wild Card Rodeo Co. won the 2010 CBR Bull Team Finals in Bossier City, LA, in late August.  Other notable winners this year include Team Reagan Bucking Bulls, Dakota Rodeo/Struve, Cooper/Scruggs, Murphy Energy Services, Talbert/Schmutz, etc.

The CBR Bull Team competition has been groundbreaking for the bull business, and it's going to continue to get better in 2011 with the debut of the CBR Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge.  Championship Bull Riding stock contractors will have plenty of opportunities to cash a big check next season, and it's going to make the events more exciting than ever.

2010 CBR Horizon Series
The Horizon Series also had its first full season in 2010, and like the Bull Team competition, it has been a success.  Bull riders now have the opportunity to earn their way to the CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors by winning money at the Horizon Series events throughout the season.  It also provides the top riders more opportunities to earn money towards the World Title race.

This season featured 40 or so Horizon Series events, but that number will more than double in 2011.  There will be an event every Friday night in Fort Worth, and that will provide numerous opportunities for riders to ride in Championship Bull Riding.  In addition, the Horizon Series will return to numerous places that hosted events in 2010.  Continue to check back with the CBR website for an updated schedule for 2011.