Key Match-Ups For 2010 CBR Tour Finale: Night Two

Night one of the 2010 Tuff Hedeman CBR Tour Finale was great, but now it's time to move to night two.  Jake Littlefield rode both his bulls last night and took home the $10,000 winner's check.  The bull team competition was won by Shippy/Brand X/Amber Luedke.  There will be another event and bull team competition tonight, and it should make for another great night of bull riding.  I've put together a list of eight key match-ups for tonight's long round.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page or email me at:  Enjoy!

Cooper Kanngiesser vs. Devil's Deal
Cooper Kanngiesser bucked off his bull last night, but he has a great one in tonight's long round.  His draw is Devil's Deal, a bull who will be on the Dibbet Rodeo Bulls/Double D LLC team.  In two CBR outs this season, the bull has been ridden both times for an average ride score of 89 points.  Right-handed riders have had more success against Devil's Deal, and that will work in Cooper's favor.  This one should end up somewhere in the high-80s.
My Pick:  Cooper Kanngiesser

Neil Holmes vs. Cinch Red Label
Even though Neil Holmes bucked off last night, it was great to see him back.  Unfortunately, things won't get any easier tonight because he has drawn Cinch Red Label.  This bull was a part of the Cody Ohl/Circle T Arena team that finished third last night.  He was one of the best bulls out last night, and he made short work of J.W. Harris in the Championship Round.  Holmes has the talent to ride him, but he showed some rust last night.  Cinch Red Label will be too much for him to handle.
My Pick:  Cinch Red Label

Wrangler Dunda vs. Big Money
Wrangler Dunda went 1-for-2 on night one in Kansas City, and he will be looking to do even better tonight.  His draw for tonight's long round is Big Money, a bull who will be on the King/Herrington team.  He was extremely impressive last night, bucking off top-five rider Friday Wright.  Big Money has continued to mature and improve over the last couple months, and he has become a handful for riders.  Dunda can ride him and be a lot of points in the process, but I'm taking the animal athlete this time around.
My Pick:  Big Money

Craig Sasse vs. China Grove
Craig Sasse continued his recent success by finishing fifth on night one of the Tour Finale.  He rode both his bulls, including an 88 on Hydrojacket in the Championship Round.  His draw for tonight's long round is China Grove, a bull who was on the Pro Bull Nutrition team that finished second last night.  He will be on the Hurst Bucking Bulls team tonight.  Steve Woolsey was 87.5 points on China Grove last night, and Sasse should be pretty close to that as well.  This is a great draw!
My Pick:  Craig Sasse

Cody White vs. Rena's Pet
Cody White bucked off his bull last night and took a little shot as well.  You can bet he will be ready for action tonight though.  His long-round draw is Rena's Pet, a bull who will be on the Okeechobee Bull Company team.  This bull was ridden a couple times earlier in the season, but he has bucked off six consecutive riders coming into tonight.  White has ridden well lately, but this bull is extremely tough on right-handers.  This is a toss-up, but I'm going with the bull.
My Pick:  Rena's Pet

Steve Woolsey vs. Psycho Todd
Steve Woolsey went 1-for-2 last night, but Thunder Down Under was too much for him in the Championship Round.  His draw for tonight's long round is Psycho Todd, a bull who will be a part of Team Neckover.  He was really good last night against Cody White, and he can definitely help a guy get close to or above 90 points.  Woolsey looked really good last night, and this one should work out very well.  If this isn't the round win, it will be pretty close.
My Pick:  Steve Woolsey

Luke Kelley vs. Schuffler
Luke Kelley is closing in on his first CBR World Title, and tonight will be a big night for him.  His draw for the long round is Schuffler, a bull owned by Brad Vogele/McKeller.  I picked Elliot Jacoby to ride him last night, but the bull won the match-up.  Schuffler has bucked off several riders in a row, but he is still a great draw in tonight's round.  Kelley will be motivated to bounce back after last night's disappointment, and he will show everyone why he is the top guy in the season standings.
My Pick:  Luke Kelley

Jake Littlefield vs. Heater
Jake Littlefield was the top guy on night one in Kansas City, and the victory moved him to fourth in the season standings.  His draw for tonight's long round is Heater, a bull owned by Benny Cude.  This bull was one of the most impressive last night, and he has bucked off his last three riders.  The Mississippi bull rider is obviously riding very well right now, but I'm going with the upset pick here.  Heater is extremely quick and really tough against right-handers, and Littlefield will have a tough time making all the corrections necessary to get a qualified ride.
My Pick:  Heater

Championship Round Bulls
Thunder Down Under
High Roller
Little White Out
Muy Caliente
Directory Assistance
Air Born
Jack N Black
Carson's Big Rig
Whiskey's Rebel
Here's The Deal
Monkey Wrench