2010 Tuff Hedeman CBR Tour Finale Preview

The 2010 CBR season has been great, but it will come to an end this weekend in Kansas City.  The Tuff Hedeman CBR Tour Finale presented by American Royal starts tonight, and it will end tomorrow night.  The CBR Bull of the Year has already been determined, and now it's time to crown a World Champion bull rider.  Each night will be its own event, and there is still a lot of prize money available.  In addition, the top-five riders in the season standings at the end of the Tour Finale will receive year-end bonuses.


The World Champion will receive a $100,000 bonus, and the man currently at the top is Luke Kelly.  After his win last weekend in Lubbock along with his win in the $10,000 Mahindra Tractors Texas Swing, he is now $30,000 ahead of the number-two rider Elliot Jacoby.  It's safe to say Kelly is the front-runner to win the $100,000 bonus.  The rider who finishes second in the season standings will receive an extra $40,000 for his efforts, so the guys chasing first still have plenty to ride for even if they don't win the World Title.


19 of the top-20 riders in the 2010 CBR standings will be riding this weekend.  Along with the great bull power fans will witness, we have the recipe for a great weekend of bull riding.  I've put together a list of 10 riders to keep an eye on this weekend in Kansas City.  Some of these guys are chasing the World Title, while others may play the spoiler role and fill their pockets with the nightly event money.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page or email me at:  Enjoy!


Luke Kelly

All eyes will be on Luke Kelly this weekend in Kansas City.  He leads the season standings by $30,000, and he is the definite favorite to win this year's World Title.  The Alabama bull rider has put together an amazing fall run, and it all started with his big win in Bossier City.  He finished third in Hankinson to keep the momentum going, and he put the icing on the cake last weekend in Lubbock.  Not only did he win the event title, he also picked up the $10,000 Mahindra Tractors Texas Swing bonus.  It's been a banner year for Kelly, and the only thing that would make it better is the buckle and $100,000 awarded to the 2010 CBR World Champion.


Elliot Jacoby

Elliot Jacoby is the closest competitor to Luke Kelly, and he has put together his own hot streak during the fall run.  He won in Hobbs, finished second in Bossier City, and placed third in Hankinson.  He has been a major contender the past couple months, and he is in line for a nice bonus at the end of the season.  If Jacoby doesn't end up getting the $100,000, he will be a major player for the $40,000 bonus that is awarded to the rider who finishes second in the season standings.


Riggin Phillips

Riggin Phillips didn't ride in Lubbock last weekend, but he has made a nice move over the past couple months.  He is currently sixth in the season standings after a number of top-10 finishes this fall.  He was third in Bossier City, and he finished fourth in Window Rock a month ago.  He topped that off with a fifth-place finish at a Horizon Series event a couple weeks ago.  Phillips has a ton of talent, and he is definitely capable of finishing the season in the top five.


Cooper Kanngiesser

Cooper Kanngiesser has had his ups-and-downs in 2010, but most of his ups have come over the past month or so.  Things started to click in Window Rock where he was 93 points in the Championship Round on Luca Brazzi.  He finished second there, and he followed that up with a third-place finish in Woodward to move up to 10th in the season standings.  Kanngiesser is capable of riding really good bulls, and there will be plenty of them in Kansas City.


Jarrod Craig

Jarrod Craig is right behind Kanngiesser in 11th place, and he has put together a very solid 2010 season.  He hasn't been to as many events as some of the other riders, but he usually makes the most of his opportunities.  He was third in Hobbs to start the fall fun, and he finished second on the first night in Huron.  Craig's last solid finish came in Window Rock where he finished fifth.  His riding percentage is among the best in the CBR this season, and that consistency could go a long way at the Tour Finale.


Neil Holmes

Neil Holmes won at Nashville in February, and he has had a good first full season in the CBR.  However, he has been out the last month or so because of an injury he suffered the first night in Huron.  He is currently 15th in the season standings, and there is no doubt he could be higher if he didn't miss so much time.  Holmes will be making his return tonight in Kansas City, and it will be interesting to see how healthy he is.


Bronson Butcher

Other than Luke Kelly, Bronson Butcher may be the hottest CBR rider heading into the Tour Finale.  The Oklahoma bull rider has made a huge move in the standings during the fall run.  It all started with a third-place finish the first night in Huron, and then he finished just outside the top 10 in Fort Stockton.  He won the next weekend in Woodward, and he is coming off a second-place finish last weekend in Lubbock.  Butcher has risen from outside the top 35 to number 17.  He could end up sneaking into the top 10 or maybe even the top five when the dust settles in Kansas City.


J.W. Harris

J.W. Harris is the two-time defending PRCA World Champion, and the spotlight is always on him wherever he rides.  It just so happens he won last year's CBR Tour Finale, so he will be defending that title this weekend.  He is currently 21st in the season standings, and he was the big winner in Tulsa ealier this season.  Harris won't be contending for the 2010 CBR World Title, but he is always capable of making a huge impact.


Chandler Bownds

Chandler Bownds is 28th in the season standings after a clutch performance last weekend in Lubbock.  He was on the bubble of making it to the Tour Finale, but a fourth-place finish sealed the deal for the young Texan.  He was also seventh in Fort Stockton last month.  Bownds has started to gain more and more confidence over the past couple months, and he could be ready for a big breakthrough.


Craig Sasse

Craig Sasse was also on the bubble before last weekend's event in Lubbock, but a third-place finish moved him up to 36th in the season standings.  With a couple riders being out due to injury, the Illinois bull rider will get his chance to ride in the Tour Finale.  His other good finish this season was a win at a Horizon Series event in Illinois in early August.  Sasse is riding well, and he could play spoiler this weekend in Kansas City.