2010 Mahindra Tractors CBR West Texas Showdown Recap

The CBR was in Lubbock this past Saturday night, and the bull riders and bulls put on a great show in front of an outstanding crowd.  There were five 90-point rides on the evening, including four in the Championship Round.  Alabama bull rider Luke Kelly won the event title as well as the $10,000 Mahindra Tractors Swing bonus, and he remains in first place in the 2010 season standings.  The CBR Tour Finale starts this Friday, and it's going to be a huge week for Championship Bull Riding.  That being said, let's take one last look at the Mahindra Tractors CBR West Texas Showdown.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page or email me at:  Enjoy!

Luke Kelly is a Man on a Mission
Luke Kelly came into the Lubbock event as the man to beat in the 2010 CBR World Title race.  By winning both the event title and $10,000 Mahindra Tractors Texas Swing bonus, he showed the rest of the riders he is for real this season.  His lead over second-place Elliot Jacoby is $30,000 going into Kansas City this weekend, and that's extremely impressive.  Kelly has been the most consistent CBR rider all season, and he is well on his way to being crowned the 2010 CBR World Champion.

Another rider who deserves some credit is Bronson Butcher.  Prior to the first night in Huron, the Oklahoma bull rider was well outside the top 35 in the season standings.  He finished third that night and won the event in Woodward a couple weeks ago.  After his second-place finish in Lubbock this past Saturday night, he moved all the way up to 17th in the standings as we head to the Tour Finale.  If you are looking for a favorite to win one or both of the nights in Kansas City this weekend, Butcher is on the short list.

Mahindra Tractors Texas Swing was a Great Addition in 2010
The Mahindra Tractors Texas Swing made its CBR debut in 2010, and it was an awesome addition to say the least.  First and foremost, a lot of credit goes to Mahindra Tractors for being a great sponsor and putting up the $10,000 bonus for the eventual winner.  The competition was fierce from the first night in El Paso to the last event in Lubbock.  In the end, Luke Kelly rode seven bulls in the Texas Swing to win the bonus.  His total score was 620.5 points.  Cody White also deserves credit for finishing second with 613 points.  The Mahindra Tractors Texas Swing will be back for 2011, and I can't wait to see how things play out in next season's competition.

2010 CBR Bull of the Year Race Update
The 2010 CBR Bull of the Year race has been just as exciting as the World Title race.  Several bulls were in the running for the award, but Cude Energy and Dakota Magic's Double Scoop are the clear favorites heading into the season's last event.  Cude Energy led the title race by $7 going into Lubbock this past Saturday night, but the lead changed after the exciting Championship Round.  Luke Kelly won the event on Dakota Magic's Double Scoop, and the bull was also bull of the event.  The earnings moved him into first place by a little over $1,000 going into the Tour Finale this weekend.  With both bulls expected to be in Kansas City, it's going to go down to the wire for sure.

Securing a Place in the Tour Finale
The 2010 Mahindra Tractors CBR West Texas Showdown was the last event before this year's Tour Finale.  The top-35 guys in the season standings qualify for the Finale, so it was important for certain riders to secure their spot this past Saturday night in Lubbock.  The rider who took care of business the most was Chandler Bownds.  The young Texan came into the event in 35th place in the standings.  After riding both bulls and finishing fourth, he moved up to 28th and locked up his spot this weekend.  He is going to be a force in the CBR for years to come, and it's great to see him gaining more confidence in his rookie season.

Craig Sasse also deserves some credit for finishing third in Lubbock.  The high finish didn't lock up his spot in Kansas City this weekend, but it moved him up to 36th in the season standings.  He might have done just enough to get him a spot in the Tour Finale, and if that's the case, it was a pretty clutch performance.  If the Illinois bull rider does make the field for the Tour Finale, he will be riding pretty close to home and will be one to watch.  Sasse has had a nice little run since the summer break ended in mid August.

It Was Great to See Craig Jackson Back and Riding Well
Craig Jackson has been battling injuries the past couple months, but it was great to see him back in Lubbock this past Saturday night.  He hasn't been to a CBR event since Bossier City in late August.  Not only did the Houston bull rider get the job done in the long round, he was 90 points and picked up the round win.  Even though he didn't make the whistle in the Championship Round, he proved he was back and ready to make an impact.  It will be good to see Jackson in Kansas City this weekend, and his traveling partner Neil Holmes is also expected to make his return after a nasty wreck the first night in Huron.