Key Match-Ups for 2010 Mahindra Tractors CBR West Texas Showdown

The CBR will be in Lubbock, TX, tonight for the Mahindra Tractors West Texas Showdown, and it's going to be a very exciting event for a number of reasons.  It's the last event before the Tour Finale, so riders will be jockeying for position as we head towards Kansas City.  The $10,000 Texas Swing will also be decided tonight, and that could have a huge effect on the World Title race.  I've put together a list of eight match-ups for tonight's long round.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page or email me at:  Enjoy!

Shawn Hogg vs. Unicorn
Shawn Hogg will be making his second CBR appearance in 2010, but he is second in the PRCA standings this season.  It will be exciting to see how he fares in Lubbock.  His long-round draw tonight is Unicorn, a bull owned by Hurst and McCulloch.  This bull was one of the best in 2009, but this will only be his second CBR out in 2010.  This is definitely one of the best match-ups in the long round, and it's a potential round winner as well.  It will be a toss-up, but I'll pick the veteran bull.
My Pick:  Unicorn

Cody White vs. Boomerang
Cody White is currently fourth in the Mahindra Texas Swing, and he is only 12 points behind the leader.  He is coming off a fourth-place finish in Woodward, and his first bull tonight will be very important.  His draw for tonight's long round is Boomerang, a bull owned by Lyndal Hurst.  This bull has been out eight times in 2010, and he has been ridden six times for an average ride score of 87.5 points.  Right-handers ride this bull about half the time, and I fully expect White to get the job done and be in good shape heading into the Championship Round.
My Pick:  Cody White

Jake Littlefield vs. Upper Cut
Jake Littlefield is coming off a win in Fort Stockton, and he is also second in the Mahindra Texas Swing.  He is just 5.5 points behind the leader, so tonight could be a huge night for the Mississippi bull rider.  His draw for tonight's long round is Upper Cut, a bull owned by Box K Cattle Co.  This bull was out in Woodward, and he was marked 45.25 points and finished in a tie for second in the Bull Games.  Littlefield will have his hands full here, and there will be a lot on the line.
My Pick:  Upper Cut

Steve Woolsey vs. Rena's Pet
Steve Woolsey is currently fifth in the season standings, and he is also eighth in the Mahindra Texas Swing.  His draw for tonight's long round is Rena's Pet, a bull owned by Brad Vogele.  In eight outs in 2010, this bull has been ridden only twice for an average ride score of 87.25 points.  He has bucked off his last six riders, so Woolsey will have to be ready to go.  That being said, he has ridden Rena's Pet before and been near 90 points in the process.  Left-handers have a better shot here, and that will work into the riders' favor as well.
My Pick:  Steve Woolsey

Ardie Maier vs. Schuffler
Ardie Maier is second in the CBR season standings, and he could make a major move towards a World Title in Lubbock.  His long-round draw tonight is Schuffler, a bull owned by Brad Vogele.  In four outs in 2010, this bull has been ridden once for 87.5 points.  Maier had this bull in Huron, and he rode him for over seven seconds.  It was one that got away, and he will have a chance to make up for it tonight.  The South Dakota cowboy won't let this one get away again.
My Pick:  Ardie Maier

Wrangler Dunda vs. Crush
Wrangler Dunda is ninth in the season standings, and he has been on a little roll the past few weeks after going through a minor slump before that.  His long-round bull tonight is Crush, a bull owned by Cooper and Scruggs.  These two have matched up twice this season.  Dunda rode this bull for 87.5 points in El Paso, but the bull bucked him off in Huron.  This is the rubber match between the two, and I'm taking the rider on this one.
My Pick:  Wrangler Dunda

Clint Craig vs. Naccarrato Slim
Clint Craig comes into Lubbock as the leader in the Mahindra Texas Swing.  It's his $10,000 bonus to lose, and it will be a huge night for him.  His draw for tonight's long round is Naccarrato Slim, a bull owned by Reagan Bucking Bulls.  He has one CBR out this season, and he is unridden with a bull score of 43.5 points.  This is a bull Craig can ride if he is on his game, but he hasn't made a qualified ride since the tour returned from summer break.  He has been battling a groin injury for awhile, and I just can't pick him in this match-up.
My Pick:  Naccarrato Slim

Luke Kelly vs. Crown Royal
Luke Kelly has a lot going on right now.  He is number one in the season standings, and he is third in the Mahindra Texas Swing.  This could be a monumental night in Lubbock for the Alabama bull rider.  His long-round draw tonight is Crown Royal, another bull owned by Danny Reagan.  I honestly don't know much about this bull, but if Danny Reagan brings him, he will be one the guys can be close to 90 points on.  It's just too hard to pick against the number one rider.
My Pick:  Luke Kelly

Championship Round Bulls
Cude Energy
Girl Watcher
Comet's Gold
Dakota Magic's Double Scoop
Luca Brazzi
You Don't Understand
Directory Assistance
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Fat Jimmy
Carson's Big Rig