2010 Mahindra Tractors West Texas Showdown Preview

The 2010 CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors will be in Lubbock, TX, Saturday night.  The 2010 Tour Finale is only eight days away, so this event is going to be huge for several reasons.  17 of the top-20 riders are entered, and they will be battling it out for position heading into Kansas City.  The guys outside the top 35 will have one last chance to earn their way to the Tour Finale.  Finally, this is the last event in the $10,000 Mahindra Tractors Texas Swing.  It's going to be an exciting and busy weekend for the CBR to say the least.

Luke Kelly has maintained the top spot in the season standings since his win in Bossier City, LA, at the end of August.  After a top-five finish on the Horizon Series this past weekend, Elliot Jacoby has moved back up to second.  He is just under $10,000 behind Kelly.  Ardie Maier dropped down to third, while Friday Wright and Steve Woolsey round out the top five.  There could definitely be some shake-up in the overall standings this Saturday night.

The $10,000 Mahindra Tractors Texas Swing has also been a big story all season, and it comes to an end in Lubbock.  Clint Craig is currently in the top spot, but he has been struggling the past couple months.  It will be interesting to see if he can turn it on once again in the state of Texas.  Jake Littlefield, Luke Kelly, and Cody White are all within 12 points in the race for the $10,000 bonus.  Others like Sam Wilson, Steve Woolsey, and Wrangler Dunda will have to ride very well and get help from the leaders to have any chance.

Lastly, the 2010 Bull of the Year race will be a major focus this weekend as well.  Dakota Magic's Double Scoop and Cude Energy are the front-runners for the award, and they are separated by only $7 heading into the last two events of the season.  They will both be in Lubbock, and all eyes will be on them in the Championship Round.

As always, I'm going to mention five riders and bulls to keep an eye on at this week's event.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page, or email me at:  Also, keep checking for news, updates, previews, key match-ups, recaps, etc.  Enjoy!

Five Riders to Watch
Luke Kelly will have a lot going on this Saturday night in Lubbock.  He is the top guy in the season standings, and he is third in the Mahindra Tractors Texas Swing.  He has more top-10 finishes than any other CBR rider in 2010, and he is coming off an eighth-place finish in Fort Stockton a few weeks ago.  It's possible for Kelly to win this weekend's event and the $10,000 bonus for the Texas Swing.  If that happens, he will be tough to catch in Kansas City.

Steve Woolsey hasn't been to a CBR event since Huron, but he is still fifth in the season standings.  He has been really consistent in 2010, and he is coming off some success in the PRCA as well.  He won the Justin Boots Championship this past weekend in Omaha, and he will be coming in on a hot streak.  Woolsey is going to be a key factor the last two weeks of the season.

Jake Littlefield is currently 13th in the season standings, and this weekend will be huge for him.  He is second in the Mahindra Tractors Texas Swing, and he is only 5.5 points out of first.  He is also coming off a big victory in Fort Stockton a few weeks back.  Littlefield started the season very well before struggling a little during the middle.  After his recent win, it looks like he is heating up at the right time.

Bonner Bolton is another rider who has started to get hot at the right time of the season.  Since Bossier City in late August, he has three top-four finishes in four events.  He has finished second at the last two stops, and he has moved all the way up to 17th in the season standings.  If Bolton can get a win in Lubbock this weekend, he will put himself in position to make some noise in Kansas City.

Bronson Butcher has also made a significant move in the season standings the past month.  He finished third on the first night in Huron, and he is coming off an important victory in Woodward, OK, a couple weeks ago.  The win moved him all the way to 27th in the standings.  It solidified his spot in the Tour Finale, and he is riding well enough right now to make an impact at the last two stops on tour.

Five Bulls to Watch
Cude Energy is the current leader in the 2010 CBR Bull of the Year race, but the lead is a small $7.  He has had another really strong season, and he is one the riders want to get on each and every event.  He has been ridden five out of six times this season, and the average ride score is 90.3 points.  Cude Energy has combined with a few riders to win big events this year, and the same could happen this weekend in Lubbock.  This bull is owned by Benny Cude.

Dakota Magic's Double Scoop, a bull owned by Cooper/Scruggs/All Star, is right on Cude Energy's heels in the Bull of the Year race.  He has also had a wonderful season and will surely be one of the top picks in the Championship Round this Saturday night.  Double Scoop has also been ridden five out of six times in 2010, and the average ride score is 91.2 points.  The riders have won three events and five rounds on him this year.

Luca Brazzi has been one of the best bulls in the CBR over the past month.  In five September trips, he was only ridden once with an average bull score of 45.7 points.  The one time he was ridden, the score was 93 points!  Luca Brazzi also won the Bull Games in Woodward two weeks ago to continue his momentum.  He is going to be exciting to watch in Lubbock.  This bull is owned by Brad Vogele.

Hell Ya, a bull owned by Danny Reagan, has also had a very good last month or so.  In five September trips, he was ridden twice for an average ride score of 88.25 points.  His average bull score was an impressive 44.6 points.  Hell Ya could end up in the long round or Championship Round this weekend in Texas, and he will be a great draw either way.

Mooseknuckle is a bull owned by Lyndal Hurst, and he is one the riders can be close to 90 points on every time.  He was only out one time in September, and Bronson Butcher rode him for 89.5 points to win the Woodward event.  In nine trips in 2010, his average bull score is 44.8 points.  That's extremely consistent and impressive, and he will surely play a key role this Saturday night in Lubbock.