2010 CBR Bull of the Year Title Will Come Down to the Wire

 Fort Worth, TX (September 27, 2010)- The 2010 CBR Bull of the Year title will be awarded to the bull who the riders have won the most money on this season.  The top-two contenders for this year's title are Cude Energy and Dakota Magic's Double Scoop.  Both bulls have made a serious impact this year, and it's only fitting the two are separated by $7 going into this weekend's event in Lubbock, TX.  Both are expected to buck this Saturday night as well as next weekend at the CBR Tour Finale.  This year's race will come down to the final couple trips for each.

Cude Energy, a bull owned by Benny Cude, is currently in the lead.  He has been ridden five out of six times this season for an average ride score of 90.3 points, including four 90-point rides.  Neil Holmes won the Nashville event on him in February.  Friday Wright picked this bull in Fort Worth, and he rode him on his way to a huge victory.  In late August at the Horizon Series Final in Bossier City, Luke Kelly rode Cude Energy in the Championship Round to win the event and take over the top spot in the season standings.

Dakota Magic's Double Scoop is owned by Bryce Cooper, Scruggs, and All Star.  He has also been ridden five out of six times this season, and the average ride score is 91.2 points.  All five qualified rides have been 90 points or better.  Clint Craig picked this bull in Del Rio and won the event on him with a 93-point ride.  Over the past month, Kenny Westrope and Ardie Maier have also won events on Dakota Magic's Double Scoop.  Westrope's win came on night one in Huron, while Maier's came a few days later in Hankinson.

The 2010 CBR Bull of the Year race has been very competitive all season, and it's going to be extremely exciting when things are settled next weekend in Kansas City.  Keep checking for updates, news, previews, key match-ups, recaps, etc.

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