CBR Bull Power Rankings: September 2010

It's been a busy September for the CBR, but the month is quickly winding down.  That means it's time for another set of bull power rankings.  The CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors traveled up north to Huron and Hankinson, and then things shifted to Window Rock, AZ.  The last two events were Fort Stockton, TX, and Woodward, OK.  They were part of the Horizon Series, but they will be included in these power rankings because the bull power was exceptional.

As always, these rankings will be based on the bulls' performance over the past month.  If you notice some big names missing, it's probably because they didn't have any outs in September.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page or email me at:  Enjoy!

1.  Luca Brazzi- Brad Vogele
Luca Brazzi had more outs in September than most bulls on this list, and he made the most of his opportunities.  In five trips, he had an average bull score of 45.7 points.  He was only ridden once, and the ride score was a huge 93 points!  Luca Brazzi won the Bull Games in Woodward last weekend, and that was icing on the cake to a great month.  This bull has come into his own, and he will probably be a mainstay in the power rankings moving forward.

2.  Directory Assistance- Box K Cattle Co.
Directory Assistance was third in last month's power rankings, and he did one better this time around.  In three September outs, he was unridden with an average bull score of 45.67 points.  He was marked 46.5 points at Window Rock and Woodward.  Directory Assistance is still one the riders want to draw or pick, but he is one of the rankest in the CBR when he has his day.

3.  Marmit- Denny McCoy
Marmit came out of nowhere in his two trips up north, and he was high-marked bull both times he bucked.  He was marked 46 points on the first night in Huron, and I wondered if he could keep the momentum going in Hankinson.  After racking up a 45.5-point bull score in North Dakota, Marmit did more than prove himself.  I can't wait to see what he does his next time out.

4.  Thunder Down Under- Shippy Bucking Bulls
Thunder Down Under is the only other bull besides Directory Assistance that was in last month's top 10.  He moved up a few spots this time around.  In two September trips, he was unridden with an average bull score of 45.5 points.  Thunder Down Under's both trips were up north, so it's been a few weeks since we have seen him.  He is one of the most underrated bulls in the CBR, and hopefully he will be in Kansas City.

5.  Big Money- Box K Cattle Co.
Like Luca Brazzi, Big Money is one of the younger bulls bucking in the CBR.  He was out three times in September, and he was unridden with an average bull score of 45.25 points.  He was marked 45.5 in Window Rock and Fort Stockton, and he finished just outside the top 10 at the Bull Games in Woodward.  Big Money has a very bright future.

6.  Dakota Magic's Double Scoop- Cooper/Scruggs/All Star
Dakota Magic's Double Scoop just keeps bucking his heart out and helping guys win events.  He was out twice in September, and he was ridden both times for an average ride score of 91.25 points.  Kenny Westrope rode him to win night one in Huron, and Ardie Maier rode him to win Hankinson.  Double Scoop's average bull score this last month was 44.75 points.  He will be one to watch in Kansas City.

7.  Carson's Big Rig- Danny Reagan
Carson's Big Rig was out several times in September.  In his four outs this month, he has an average bull score of 44.5 points.  He was only ridden once, and that was good for 90 points in Woodward last weekend.  His biggest highlight this month was being marked 46 points in Fort Stockton.  Carson's Big Rig has had a very underrated 2010 season.

8.  Hell Ya- Danny Reagan
Hell Ya has been extremely consistent in September.  In five outs this month, his average bull score is 44.6 points.  He was ridden twice, and the average ride score was 88.25 points.  His bull scores ranged from 44 points to 45.5 points, so he was respectable every time out.  Hell Ya isn't as well-known as some bulls in the CBR, but he is a good one.

9.  Psycho Todd- Danny Reagan

Psycho Todd is the third consecutive bull on this list from Danny Reagan, and he is another one that had a good month of September.  In five outs this month, his average bull score was 44.3 points.  He was ridden twice for an average ride score of 90.5 points.  His best trips have come over the past couple weeks, so he has continued to get better.

10.  Walk The Line- Berger Bucking Bulls
Walk The Line has been a very consistent bull for a couple years, and he was much of the same earlier this month in Huron and Hankinson.  He was out three times, and his average bull score was 44 points.  Scotty Knapp won night two in Huron on this bull after the two combined for 91 points.  Elliot Jacoby rode him in Hankinson for 90 points a few days later.  Walk The Line always gets the job done, and he is worthy of a spot in these power rankings.

The Next Five:  Daddy's Boy, Sports Book, Kickeye, Double Up, and Curly Bob.