2010 CBR Best Out West Showdown Recap

Championship Bull Riding put on a great show in Woodward, OK, this past Saturday night.  The three and four-year old bulls competing in the Bull Games got the best of the riders in the long round, but the guys got their revenge in the Championship Round.  The venue was excellent, and the crowd was real solid as well.  Bronson Butcher, an Oklahoma cowboy, rode both his bulls and got the big win in his home state.  Before we turn the page on the 2010 CBR Best Out West Showdown, here are five thoughts on my mind after the event.  Please visit our Facebook page if you have anything to add.

Butcher Comes Through in the Clutch
Bronson Butcher came into the Woodward event in 48th place in the CBR season standings, and he obviously needed to make something happen to earn a trip to Kansas City in a few weeks.  He dominated both his bulls and picked up the event win.  The clutch victory moved him to 27th in the standings, and it should be plenty enough to get him a spot in the Tour Finale.  Butcher has been riding extremely well the past month or so, and he is more than capable of making an impact once he gets to Kansas City.

Two others who have started to heat up over the past few weeks are Bonner Bolton and Cooper Kanngiesser.  Bolton finished second in Woodward just one week after finishing second in Fort Stockton, TX.  When the CBR returned from summer break, Bolton wasn't even in the top 40.  After his strong finishes lately, he has moved all the way up to 17th.  Kanngiesser finished second in Window Rock a week and a half ago, and he followed that up with a third-place finish in Woodward.  The two strong finishes have moved him into the top 10, and he will be a factor the last couple events of the season.

Luca Brazzi Does it Again
I mentioned above there was a Bull Games at the Woodward event, and the young bulls were extremely hard to handle.  It had to be a tough round to judge because there were several really good bulls entered.  In the end, Brad Vogele's Luca Brazzi won first and took home the $17,000 winner's check.  The bull was the first one out, and that makes his win even more impressive.  He has really come into his own the past month or so, and he will be a good one for year's to come.  Congratulations to Vogele and Luca Brazzi on a dynamite performance.

The other bull that really blew me away was Spook.  Kenny Hague owns him, and he was extremely impressive in the Bull Games.  The judges did a pretty good job with a very deep group of animal athletes, but Spook impressed me more than any other.  He had the "wow" factor everyone loves to see.  I don't remember seeing him in the past, but I'm looking forward to watching him more in the future.  Kenny Hague has something special.

The Championship Round Delivered
There were only a few qualified rides in the long round.  Most of it had to do with the great group of young bulls entered in the Bull Games, but the riders just didn't bring their A-Game either.  Once the Championship Round started, however, the long round was in the past.  The riders rode seven out of 12 bulls in the short-go, and a couple of the rides were 90 or better.  The fans want to see great rides, and that's exactly what the CBR delivered in the Championship Round in Woodward.

Cody White got things started with an 89.5-point ride on Psycho Todd, and that really gave the crowd a spark.  Cooper Kanngiesser's 90.5-point ride on No Berry Wine was the high score of the event, and it set things up for the final two riders.  Bolton and Butcher both rode their long-round bulls, and they followed that with two great rides in the Championship Round to finish the event with a bang.  It's not always how things start, but it's how they finish.  The Woodward event couldn't have finished any better, and that was awesome to see.

D&H Cattle Co. Makes an Immediate Impact
It was great seeing D&H Cattle Co. bring a few bulls to Woodward to participate in the Bull Games.  They are very well-respected in the bucking bull industry, and they haul their stock all across the nation.  They didn't waste any time making an impact in the CBR, as Charlie T split fourth and fifth in the competition.  The other two bulls, Sure Shot and Crying Shame, were pretty good as well.  Crying Shame was pretty rank, but I didn't get to see enough of him because he bucked the rider off so quickly.  Either way, I hope to see D&H Cattle Co. come to many more Championship Bull Riding events in the future.

Ardie Maier Let An Opportunity Get Away

Ardie Maier made the last-minute trip to Woodward, and he missed a great opportunity to make up valuable ground on Luke Kelly.  Maier is in second place in the CBR season standings, and he's about $10,000 behind Kelly.  The South Dakota cowboy drew Danny Reagan's bull Moody in the long round, and he started a great ride.  He would have challenged for the round win, but he bucked off with a couple seconds left.

With only three qualified rides in the long round, Maier drew back into the Championship Round and got a second chance.  He picked Comet's Gold of Box K Cattle Co.  He started a great ride that was headed towards 90-point territory, but he bucked off late in the ride again.  He drew two really tough bulls, but he probably should have ridden at least one because of how well he has ridden the past month or so.  With only one more big CBR event before the Tour Finale, Maier could have put some pressure on Luke Kelly by cutting his lead in half.  It was an opportunity missed.