Key Match-Ups For 2010 CBR Best Out West Showdown

The CBR will be in Woodward, OK, tonight for the CBR Best Out West Showdown.  There are several riders entered who are ranked inside the top 35 in the season standings.  They will have to be ready to ride because they will be facing some very good three and four-year old bulls.  I've put together a list of eight key match-ups for tonight's long round.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page or email me at:  Enjoy!

Chon Miranda vs. Big Money
Chon Miranda has only been to one CBR event this season, and he made the most of his opportunity.  He showed up in Window Rock, rode both his bulls, and finished third.  His long-round draw tonight is Big Money, a bull owned by Box K Cattle Co.  This bull has been marked 45.5 points in his last two outs, and he will be one of the favorites to win tonight's Bull Games.  Miranda proved he can ride good bulls, but this one might be a little too much for him.
My Pick:  Big Money

Chandler Bownds vs. Painted Warrior
Chandler Bownds has been riding pretty well the past couple weeks, and he is coming off a tie for sixth in Fort Stockton, TX, last weekend.  His draw for tonight's long round is Painted Warrior, a bull owned by Muriel Bonsall.  This bull doesn't have any CBR outs in 2010, but he was marked 43 points in his only out this year.  Bownds continues to get more confident, and he should ride this one and put himself in great shape heading to the Championship Round.
My Pick:  Chandler Bownds

Skyler McBride vs. Sure Shot
Skyler McBride hasn't had much luck in the CBR lately, but he is still 53rd in the season standings.  A good finish here could get him closer to qualifying for the Tour Finale.  His long-round draw tonight is Sure Shot, a bull owned by D&H Cattle Co.  This bull hasn't been out on the CBR in 2010, but he brings a pretty good reputation.  Neil Holmes rode him for 89 points in a PRCA event last month.  McBride can ride Sure Shot if he brings his best, but the bull will win this one.
My Pick:  Sure Shot

Bronson Butcher vs. Air Patrick
Bronson Butcher has been riding well the past few weeks.  He finished third on night one in Huron, and he finished just inside the top 10 last weekend in Fort Stockton, TX.  His draw for tonight's long round is Air Patrick, a bull owned by Chad Drury.  This bull doesn't have any CBR outs, but he is one that can give a guy something in the mid-to-high 80s.  Butcher should ride this bull and be in contention to win the long round.
My Pick:  Bronson Butcher

Casey Koppen vs. Muy Caliente
Casey Koppen has been to a few CBR events this season, but he hasn't had much luck.  His draw tonight is a really good one, however.  He will have Muy Caliente, a bull owned by J.C. Knapp.  In five CBR outs in 2010, this bull has an average bull score of 44 points.  If Koppen rides this bull, he will have a good shot at being close to 90 points.  That being said, Muy Caliente will be one of the best bulls out tonight and will take care of business.
My Pick:  Muy Caliente

Cooper Kanngiesser vs. Shoot The Moon
Cooper Kanngiesser is coming off a very strong second-place finish in Window Rock, AZ.  He rode both his bulls, including a 93-point ride in the Championship Round.  His draw for tonight's long round is Shoot The Moon, a bull owned by Jason Rash.  This bull will be making his CBR debut tonight, but he is a pretty good one from what I've seen.  Either way, it's tough to pick against Kanngiesser when he gets on a roll.  This one will contend for the long-round win.
My Pick:  Cooper Kanngiesser

Ardie Maier vs. Moody
Ardie Maier has been riding better than nearly everyone in the CBR the past month.  He won in Hankinson and moved up to second in the season standings.  His long-round draw tonight is Moody, a bull owned by Danny Reagan.  This bull hasn't been ridden yet, and he has been marked as high as 44 points this season.  Maier has been on a roll in the CBR and PRCA, and he should get the job done tonight as well and be somewhere in the mid-80s.
My Pick:  Ardie Maier

Cody White vs. Double Back
Cody White has had his struggles since the summer break ended, but he will have a chance to turn things around in Woodward.  His draw for tonight's long round is Double Back, another bull owned by Danny Reagan.  This bull has one CBR out in 2010, and he was marked 43.5 points.  I said in the preview White is overdue for a good finish, and I'm going to stand by that.  He will get a good score on Double Back and head into the Championship Round with a chance to win the event.
My Pick:  Cody White

Championship Round Bulls
Psycho Todd
Wild Nights
Girl Watcher
Cowboy Coffee
Depth of Despair
Comet's Gold
Rag Time
No Berry Wine
Carson's Big Rig