2010 Woodward, OK CBR Bull Games Preview

The 2010 CBR Best Out West Showdown will take place Saturday night in Woodward, Oklahoma.  It will be a CBR-Produced Horizon Series event, and there will also be a Bull Games Competition.  32 of the best three and four-year old bulls will be competing for top honors and a nice check, and these young animal athletes keep getting better every year.  I've put together a list of several bulls I'll have my eye on in Woodward.  If you have any to add, please visit our Facebook page or email me at:  Enjoy!

Luca Brazzi
After his performance the past couple weeks, Luca Brazzi will definitely be one of the favorites to win the Bull Games in Woodward this weekend.  He bucked three times up north and once in Window Rock, and his average bull score was a very impressive 45.5 points.  Luca Brazzi had some decent trips earlier in the season, but he has really improved recently.  He has been one of the best bulls in the CBR the past month, and it should be much of the same this weekend in Oklahoma.  This bull is owned by Brad Vogele.

Muy Caliente
Muy Caliente is owned by J.C. Knapp, and he has been a pretty solid bull over the last month or so.  His last trip was in Hankinson, ND, and he was marked 44.5 points.  In total, he has an average bull score of 44 points in five CBR outs in 2010.  Muy Caliente has also become a great draw for the riders, and they might ride him for 90 points in Woodward.  He may not end up being the rankest bull this weekend, but he is going to be near the top of the leaderboard.

Big Money
Big Money is part of Ken King's Box K Cattle Co., and he will have a chance to win big money this Saturday night.  He had a decent out in Bossier City last month, but his last two have been really strong.  He was marked 45.5 points in Window Rock and Fort Stockton over the past week, and it's clear he is starting to come into his own.  If Big Money is marked over 45 points in Woodward, he will have a good shot to win some money.

One Eyed Jack
One Eyed Jack is owned by Lyndal Hurst, and he has only been out a couple times in 2010.  His average bull score this season is 43.5 points, although he was marked a 44 in Bossier City last month.  One Eyed Jack bucked both riders off in about three seconds, and that could hurt him a little this weekend in Oklahoma.  If a rider can stay on him for a little longer, the judges will be able to see a little more.  Either way, he should still be one of the best bulls out.

Texas Concho
Texas Concho has more outs than most bulls in the draw this weekend, and he has put together a pretty impressive record in 2010.  In seven outs in the PRCA, he has an average bull score of 44.65 points.  In addition, five of the trips have resulted in a bull score of 45 points or better.  Texas Concho is owned by Lancaster and Pickett Pro Rodeo, and he will be making his CBR debut in Woodward.  He has the potential to make a big impact in the Bull Games.

Auzzie is a bull owned by Kenny Hague, and like Texas Concho, he has quite a few outs in 2010.  In four CBR outs this season, his average bull score is just over 44 points.  His best trip of the season came this past weekend in Fort Stockton where he was marked 45 points, so he may be peaking at the right time.  It's also worth mentioning Auzzie won the NBBA Limited Open Classic and finished second in the Open Classic at the 2010 CINCH Finals a couple weeks ago.  He has what it takes to be a serious contender this weekend.