2010 Desert Thunder CBR Bull Bash Recap

The 2010 Desert Thunder CBR Bull Bash may have been a Horizon Series event, but don't tell that to the fans in Fort Stockton, Texas.  They sold out the Fort Stockton Civic Center, and the bull riders and bulls delivered an extremely exciting event!  The long round delivered 12 qualified rides, including two for 90 points or better.  The Championship Round was even better, as the cowboys brought their A-Game and put up four more 90-pointers.  Before we head to Woodward, Oklahoma, here are five thoughts on my mind after the Fort Stockton event.  If you have anything to add, please visit our facebook page or email me at:  Enjoy!

It Must Be a Mississippi Thing
The state of Mississippi has been represented very well during the 2010 CBR season.  Friday Wright carried the load in the spring after winning Tuff Hedeman's event in Fort Worth.  He was number one in the season standings for a few months before losing the top spot in late-August.  Enter Kenny Westrope and Jake Littlefield, two more Mississippi bull riders.  Westrope was absent for much of the 2010 season before coming out of nowhere to win night one in Huron.  He didn't stop there, however, and won again in Window Rock last Thursday night.  In addition, he went 1-for-2 in Fort Stockton.

Jake Littlefield picked up where Westrope left off and won the Fort Stockton event.  The win was the second consecutive and third out of five for a Mississippi cowboy.  Littlefield started the season on fire with a fifth at El Paso #1 and a second at El Paso #2.  He had cooled down a little since the summer break ended, but he put together a dominant performance in Texas this past Saturday night.  He rode his long-round bull for 91 points, and he was 92 points in the Championship Round on his way to the winner's circle.  Needless to say, the Mississippi guys are on a roll!

Team Reagan Bucking Bulls Also Win Big
The bull riders definitely brought their best to Fort Stockton, but don't forget about the awesome bull power that made it all possible.  There was a bull team competition, and that always adds something to an event.  In the end, Team Reagan Bucking Bulls picked up the victory and winner's check.  Wild Nights was ridden for 89.5 points, while Crazy Train and Psycho Todd put together great outings as well.  Danny Reagan hauled his bulls up north a couple weeks ago, and he also had bulls in Window Rock and Fort Stockton.  He deserves a lot of credit for that, and the bull team victory couldn't have happened to a more-deserving stock contractor.

Julie Carrillo's 8 Seconds Saloon team finished second, and she deserves a lot of credit as well.  It was great seeing them in the CBR, and they were rewarded right away with a solid finish.  They do a great job putting together a nice pen of bulls, and I'm looking forward to seeing them more in the near future.  Lastly, both Box K Cattle Co. teams as well as Cude Energy Services tied for third in the bull team competition, and that should remind everyone how deep the selection of bulls is in Championship Bull Riding.

Mexican Bull Riders Making An Impact
The defending CBR World Champion, Hugo Pedrero, is a Mexican bull rider.  Unfortunately for him, he has missed significant time due to injury and won't have a chance to defend his title in 2010.  Lorenzo Rios and Nile Lebaron are also Mexican bull riders, and they did a great job representing their flag this past Saturday night in Fort Stockton.  Rios rode both his bulls and finished fifth with 169.5 points.  His Championship Ride on Big Money was good for 91.5 big points!  Lebaron bucked off his short-go bull, but his 90-point ride in the long round was good enough to get him a tie for sixth in Texas.  With Pedrero out, these two did a great job filling in and giving Mexican bull riding fans two of their own to cheer for.

Best Bulls From the Event
In Fort Stockton was Danny Reagan's Psycho Todd, was marked 45.5 points two days after combining with Tustin Daye for 91.5 points in Window Rock.  This bull had a couple solid trips in South Dakota and North Dakota, but he seems to be coming into his own a little the last couple trips.  Psycho Todd is turning into a pretty rank bull, and he is one the riders will have a chance to be 90-plus on.  You can't ask for much more than that in the long round or Championship Round.

Another animal athlete who deserves a mention is Sports Book, a bull owned by Box K Cattle Co.  He is always marked somewhere around 45 points, and he delivered once again in Fort Stockton.  Bonner Bolton picked him in the Championship Round, and the two delivered big-time on a 93-point ride!  Sports Book only has a handful of outs in 2010, but he is definitely one of the best and most consistent going down the road right now.

Luke Kelly Keeps Rolling Along in First
Luke Kelly didn't win in Fort Stockton or Window Rock, and he didn't ride his Championship Round bull at either event.  That being said, sometimes it's the small things that get my attention.  Not only did he ride his long-round bull at both events, he also managed to finish in the top 10 at both stops.  That says a lot for a guy who is currently at the top of the 2010 CBR season standings.  He may not win every time he shows up or ride every bull, but he is salvaging something positive at nearly every stop on tour.  It remains to be seen whether or not Kelly will hold onto his lead and win the World Title this season, but he is quietly putting together an extremely consistent past month as we head down the home stretch.  It's something he deserves a lot of credit for.