2010 Fort Stockton CBR Preview

After a trip up North and to the Southwest, the CBR will be back in Texas tonight.  The Fort Stockton event isn't part of the CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors, but it will be a CBR-Produced Horizon Series event.  Six of the top-15 riders in the season standings will be riding at this event, and they will have an opportunity to gain ground on those who aren't entered.  With $10,000 added, the winner will walk away with a very nice check as well.

This event also marks the return of the bull team competition, and that always spices things up a little more.  A number of regulars will have teams, and that list includes Danny Reagan, Benny Cude, Box K Cattle, and the Women's Fantasy Team.  It's also nice to see former PRCA Champion Mike White bringing a team, and 4C Bucking Bulls (Julie Carrillo) will have one as well.  The bull team competition always enhances the bull power at CBR events, and this one should be much of the same.

With plenty of talented bulls and bull riders to talk about, it's hard to narrow it down to five apiece.  That being said, here are five riders and bulls to watch for in Fort Stockton, Texas.  If you have anything to add, please visit our facebook page or email me at:  Enjoy!

Five Riders to Watch
Luke Kelly holds the number one spot in the season standings by about $10,000, and he will be looking to increase that in Fort Stockton.  He has a win and runner-up finish in the past month, and he also went 1-for-2 in Window Rock Thursday night.  The Alabama cowboy is the only top-five rider entered in this event, so he will have a huge opportunity to grow his lead.  As well as he has ridden lately, it will be surprising if he isn't in contention tonight.

Riggin Phillips is sixth in the CBR season standings after a solid fourth-place finish in Arizona.  He has been extremely consistent over the past month or so, and he is going to be a threat as we near the end of the 2010 season.  He is still looking for his first event win of the year, and he will be one of the favorites tonight in Texas.  With four of the top-five guys not entered, Phillips will have a big chance to move into that elusive top five with less than a month to go before the Tour Finale.

Kenny Westrope is the hottest bull rider in the CBR right now.  All he has done over the past week and a half is rack up three 90-point rides and two victories.  The Mississippi bull rider has moved up to 11th in the season standings, and he will be looking to move into the top 10 tonight in Fort Stockton.  I've picked against him a couple times over the past week, but I'm not making that mistake again.  Westrope is on a roll, and he will be tough to beat the last month of the season.

Chandler Bownds has slowly started to put things together after winning the Youth Bull Riding Championship last month.  He was bucked off in Window Rock, but he went 1-for-2 last weekend in Hankinson.  After all this travel the past week or so, Bownds will be happy to be back in Texas.  He will be riding close to home as well, and that should help a little with his confidence.  He has had some success on the Horizon Series in 2010, and this could be a breakout event for him.

Bronson Butcher didn't enter Hankinson or Window Rock, but he rode both bulls and finished third on night one in Huron last week.  He is currently 48th in the season standings, so he will need another strong finish or two to solidify his spot in the CBR Tour Finale next month.  The Oklahoma bull rider may not be entered many more times this season, so tonight will be huge.  If Butcher rides like he did in Huron, he will be a factor.

Five Bulls to Watch
Hell Ya, a bull owned by Danny Reagan, will be a great asset to his bull team tonight.  He has been marked somewhere around 44 points his last several trips, and Chon Miranda was 89.5 points on him in Window Rock.  I'm not sure if he will be in the long round or Championship Round, but he will be an awesome draw either way.  The riders can ride him, and they can be close to 90 points in the process.  That's bull team 101.

Too True is a bull owned by Benny Cude, and he will be a part of the Cude Energy bull team tonight.  He has 10 trips on the CBR this season, and he has an average bull score of 44 points over that period of time.  On top of that, he has only been ridden once for 88.5 points.  Too True's last out wasn't his best of the season by any means, but this bull is truly one of the underrated ones in the CBR.

Sports Book has three CINCH CBR trips in 2010, and he is still unridden.  He bucked off Jake Littlefield in the Championship Round in Window Rock Thursday night.  Sports Book is owned by Box K Cattle Co., and he has been a solid bull for a couple years.  He is going to be marked somewhere around 45 points just about every time out, and if the guys ride him, it's going to be 90 or better.

Little Bo is owned by Gilbert and Julie Carrillo, also known as 4C Bucking Bulls.  He will be a part of the 8 Seconds Saloon bull team in Fort Stockton.  He will be making his CBR debut, but he has plenty of outs around the nation.  It will be interesting to see how he performs, but he is usually the kind of bull that can help take a rider to the high 80s.  Little Bo will be a very solid draw.

Mission Top will be a part of the Women's Fantasy Team tonight, and he has proven to be a solid bull in 2010.  He has been out three times this year, and he has been ridden twice for an average ride score of 89.25 points.  In the bull team competitions, those kind of numbers are about as good as it gets.  Mission Top will probably be in the Championship Round, and whoever picks him will have a chance to be 90 points and win the event.