2010 Navajo Nation CBR Challenge Recap

The 2010 CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors just visited Window Rock, Arizona, and the bulls and bull riders put on a great show.  The record crowd of somewhere near 12,000 fans is also worth mentioning, and they were treated to five 90-point rides and a lot of Championship Round excitement.  In the end, Kenny Westrope rode both bulls for 90 or better and won his second event in eight days.  The victory moved him all the way up to 11th in the season standings.

The top-five riders didn't make many qualified rides, although Luke Kelly did ride his bull in the long round.  His lead in the season standings is still about $10,000.  The real damage was done by riders who are just inside the top 10.  Riggin Phillips, Wrangler Dunda, and Jarrod Craig were all perfect and finished in the top six.  The CBR will be in Fort Stockton, Texas, tomorrow night.  Before we get to that, however, here are five things on my mind after the event in Window Rock.

Skinny Kenny Does it Again
A week and a half ago, Kenny Westrope was an afterthought as far as the 2010 CBR season is concerned.  Fast forward to today, and he is a two-time winner this season.  On top of that, he has moved all the way to 11th in the season standings, and he has a legitimate shot at contending for this year's World Title.  It isn't like he is barely getting the job done either.  Westrope has four qualified rides during his hot streak, three of which were 90 points or better.  He topped it off with a 92.5-point ride on Daddy's Boy in Window Rock last night.

With his second win in eight days, Westrope became just the second rider to win multiple CBR events in 2010.  Bull riding is always difficult to predict, so it's tough to say whether or not he will continue his hot streak throughout the last month of the season.  Some may have wondered if the Mississippi bull rider would be able to back up the big victory in Huron last week, and he answered that very quickly.  This guy is going to be tough to buck off the remainder of the 2010 season.

Luca Brazzi is Quickly Making a Name For Himself
I always enjoy talking about the bulls as well, and one that is quickly making a name for himself is Brad Vogele's Luca Brazzi.  He was out three times up north last week, and he was unridden with an average bull score of 45.33 points.  He has quickly moved from the long round to the Championship Round, and it looks like he may be there for awhile.  Cooper Kanngiesser picked him last night in Arizona and rode him for 93 points!  Not only does this bull keep getting better every time out, he is one the riders can be huge points on.  Congratulations are in order for Brad Vogele on hauling another really nice bull.

Another bull who has picked up some steam lately is Danny Reagan's Hell Ya.  He was marked at least 44 points in all three outs up north last week, and he combined with Chon Miranda on an 89.5-point ride last night in Window Rock.  He will probably be a long-round bull at times, and he showed he is capable of producing results in the Championship Round as well.  Either way, he is going to be a solid draw moving forward.

Riggin Phillips is Gaining Ground on the Top Five
I've referred to Steve Woolsey as the most consistent CBR rider this season, but Riggin Phillips has also become pretty consistent lately.  He is becoming a mainstay in the top 10, and that's starting to pay dividends for the young Texan.  After a fourth-place finish in Window Rock last night, he jumped from ninth to sixth in the season standings.  If he keeps chipping away, it's only a matter of time before he gets his first win of the season.  It's hard to think of a better time to do that than right before or at the CBR Tour Finale.

Clint Craig is Officially in a Slump
Clint Craig won the George Paul Memorial in May, and it was his second win of the young season.  It's hard to believe he hasn't made a qualified ride in the CBR since then, but it's the truth.  I fully expected him to be one of the favorites to win it all this season, but those expectations are slowly slipping away with each buckoff.  The slump continued in Arizona last night, and it will be interesting to see how long it lasts.  Luckily, Craig is still seventh in the season standings after the buckoff streak, so things could be much worse.  Still, it's pretty surprising to see such a talented and gritty rider go through a buckoff streak like this.

I haven't mentioned Friday Wright in a week or so, but he is still without a CBR ride since winning in Forth Worth the first week of March.  That's almost unbelievable for a guy who rode so well the first couple months of the 2010 season.  He is still fourth in the season standings, but a lot of the guys behind him are continuing to put the pressure on.  With only a few events left before the Tour Finale, it's time for Wright to decide if he wants to be a contender or pretender in the chase for the buckle.

It Was Great Seeing the Local Riders Electrify the Crowd
One of the great things about the Navajo Nation CBR Challenge is the addition of some of the local Navajo bull riders.  Last night, Tustin Daye and Guytin Tsosie brought the huge crowd to its feet during the long round.  Daye was 91.5 points on Psycho Todd, and Tsosie was 92.5 points on Fumar.  They both had a great shot at winning the event, but after bucking off their respective bulls in the Championship Round, they settled for a top-10 finish.  Tsosie finished fourth last year in Window Rock after a 90-point ride in the long round, so he is becoming an annual contender at this event.  Regardless of whether or not these guys ride, the support they get is tremendous.  It just so happens they rocked the house last night, and that's pretty cool to see.