2010 Dakota Magic Tuff Hedeman CBR Challenge Preview

The 2010 CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors just wrapped up a two-night stop in Huron, South Dakota.  Kenny Westrope won the first night of action, and newcomer Scotty Knapp won night two.  The focus now shifts to the Dakota Magic Tuff Hedeman CBR Challenge in Hankinson, North Dakota.  This event will feature a bull team competition which will give fans another storyline to follow.

The top 10 didn't change much in Huron, with the exception of Jarrod Craig moving from 13th to 10th after night one.  In addition, fourth-ranked Steve Woolsey finished in the top-four both nights and moved a little closer to third.  Luke Kelly still holds the top spot over Elliot Jacoby and Friday Wright.  Arkansas bull rider Clint Craig rounds out the top five.  Most of the top riders will be in Hankinson tomorrow, and it will be interesting to see how the standings look after the event.  I've put together a list of five riders and bulls to watch for in North Dakota.  If you have anything to add, please email me at:  Enjoy!

Five Riders to Watch
Jarrod Craig is one of the hottest CBR riders right now, and he moved into the top 10 in the season standings after night one in Huron.  He rode both his bulls and finished second the first night of action, and while he didn't ride his long-round bull on night two, he is still on a roll.  Craig has been a constant in the top five the past month or so, and he will be one of the favorites to take the title in Hankinson tomorrow.

Luke Kelly bucked off both his bulls in Huron, but he is still coming off a huge win in Bossier City two weeks ago.  That win elevated him to the top spot in the CBR standings, and he isn't going to let a couple bad nights get him off his game.  Every other CBR rider wants to be in his position, and he is going to have to bring his A-Game the rest of the season.  Kelly should be back on form in North Dakota.

Ardie Maier didn't get a win in his home state, but he still represented very well on night one in Huron.  He rode his long-round bull and finished the event in the top 10.  He bucked off his long-round bull on night two, but that shouldn't get him down too much.  Maier has been riding extremely well the past couple months, and he will be one of the favorites to win in Hankinson.

Casey Decker moved up to 30th in the season standings after a very good night two in Huron.  He won the long round on Drop Thyme, and even though he was bucked off in the Championship Round, he still finished second in the event.  The Colorado cowboy is clearly riding well right now, and he could be one to watch down the stretch.  If nothing else, he should have a ton of confidence when he shows up in North Dakota.

Chandler Bownds has quickly become one of the CBR fan favorites, and he has shown flashes of brilliance in the arena.  He didn't cover his bulls in Huron, but he won the Youth Bull Riding Championship a few weeks back and finished fourth at a Horizon Series event in Arkansas last weekend.  It's only a matter of time before Bownds settles in and becomes a star.  The Dakota Magic Tuff Hedeman CBR Challenge could be the event where it happens.

Five Bulls to Watch
Marmit was picked as a Championship Round bull on night one in Huron, and he didn't disappoint.  Not only did he hold his own in a pen full of good bulls, he was the high-marked bull on the first night with a 46.  Marmit will be a part of Denny McCoy's bull team in Hankinson, and he will definitely give the team a better chance to win.  I figure he will be making another appearance in the Championship Round.

Tarzan will be a part of Rod Conat's bull team tomorrow, and he is also coming off a very solid performance in Huron.  He was a long-round bull on night one, and his 45-point bull score was the highest in that round.  Tarzan may be headed straight for the Championship Round in North Dakota, and he will be fun to watch.

Walk The Line has been around for awhile, and he continues to buck extremely well.  He was out both nights in Huron, and his bull score was 44 points each time.  He bucked off Clint Craig the first night, and Scotty Knapp rode him for 91 points to win the event on night two.  Regardless of which round Walk The Line bucks, he is going to give the rider a great shot at winning some money.  He is owned by Dakota Rodeo and Clay Struve.

Double Scoop was on my list of bulls to watch for Huron, and he makes another appearance in this preview.  He once again lived up to his reputation of being a great draw after Kenny Westrope rode him for 91.5 points to win night one.  His bull score was 45 points.  Double Scoop, a bull owned by Cooper and Scruggs, will once again be one of the stars tomorrow in Hankinson.

Carson's Big Rig is a bull owned by Danny Reagan, and he has been solid all season.  In six CINCH CBR outs in 2010, he has been ridden only twice for an average ride score of 89 points.  His average bull score this year is a shade over 44 points.  Carson's Big Rig is usually in the Championship Round, but regardless of where he ends up, he will be a great draw in Hankinson.