2010 Red Wilk Construction CBR Bull Bash Recap

The 2010 CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors started its run up north in Huron, and the bull riders and bulls gave the fans two nights of exciting action.  Kenny Westrope won night one, while Scott Knapp found the winner's circle on night two.  Each rider entered the Championship Round in great shape, and both took advantage of their opportunity by riding their respective bull for 90-plus.  Before we turn the page on Huron and head to North Dakota, here are five things on my mind after the two-night event.

Securing a Place in the Tour Finale
I mentioned above that Kenny Westrope and Scott Knapp each won a night in Huron.  The spot in the winner's circle will go a long way in getting them to the Tour Finale in Kansas City.  With a little over a month until the big event, both guys are now sitting in the top 25 in the season standings.  Westrope rode in South Dakota after being out of CBR action since February, and he made the most of his return.  He rode both his bulls, including a 91.5-point ride on Double Scoop in the Championship Round.  It was good to see him back and riding well.

Scott Knapp, on the other hand, is a new face to the CBR.  He obviously didn't waste much time making an impact.  He rode both his bulls on night two, including a 91-point ride on Walk The Line in the Championship Round.  The win moved the New Mexico cowboy up to 24th in the standings.  I heard a little about this guy before the Huron event, and it won't surprise me to see him continue to climb the standings.  He is extremely talented, and I hope he keeps entering events as we head into the Tour Finale.

Congrats to Dakota Rodeo and Clay Struve
Night one of the 2010 Red Wilk Construction CBR Bull Bash also marked the return of the CBR Bull Team Competition.  It was great to see Dakota Rodeo in Huron, and they took home top honors and the $11,500 winner's check while they were there.  The bulls on the winning team were Mean Dean, Country Time, and Hot Blooded, so congrats are definitely in order for Dakota Rodeo and Clay Struve.  The bull team competition continues to be a huge positive for the sport because of all the great bull power that shows up at each event.

A Struggle For the Top-10 Riders
Every top-10 rider in the CBR standings entered the Huron event, but nearly all of them had a rough couple nights in South Dakota.  Steve Woolsey finished in the top four both nights, and Jarrod Craig moved into the top 10 after a second-place finish on night one.  Other than that, Ardie Maier was the only other rider to get a qualified ride.  Luke Kelly and Elliot Jacoby both came in on a roll, but they surprisingly went a combined 0-for-5 in Huron.

Friday Wright and Clint Craig both returned from Brazil and went straight to South Dakota, but both failed to get a qualified ride.  Wright's struggled continue after a great win in Fort Worth early in the season.  Sam Wilson also struggled again as he continues to battle the injury bug.  Neil Holmes came into Huron in 10th place in the standings, but he was roughed up pretty bad on night one.  He had to miss night two.  It remains to be seen whether or not these guys will continue to struggle, but if they do, there will be plenty of other riders ready to take their spot.

A Bull to Watch Out For in the Near Future
The high-marked bull on night one was Marmit.  This bull is owned by Denny McCoy, and he was extremely impressive in Huron.  I haven't heard much about him, but if he keeps bucking like he did a couple nights ago, he will continue to make an impact in the CBR.  Marmit will definitely have my full attention as the 2010 season progresses.  While I'm talking about bulls, Double Scoop deserves another mention.  A few riders have picked him this year and won events in the process, and he still keeps bucking his heart out.  Cooper and Scruggs have a great animal athlete.

Jarrod Craig is Back in the Top 10
Jarrod Craig finished second in the 2009 CBR standings, and after a great last month, he has now made his way back into the top 10.  He finished second on night one in Huron, and that jumped him from 13th to 10th.  That's where he will be when the CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors heads to North Dakota on Sunday.  Craig has a Horizon Series win and a couple more top-three finishes since August 3rd.  Needless to say, he is making his move at the right time of the year.  With plenty of big events left before the Tour Finale in early-October, the Texas cowboy still has a legitimate shot at getting into contention and competing for the 2010 CBR World Title.