Key Match-Ups For Day Two in Huron

Kenny Westrope won the first night of the 2010 Red Wilk Construction CBR Bull Bash, and now it's time to shift our focus to night two in Huron.  I focused on eight match-ups yesterday, and I only got two correct.  It was a rough experience, but I'm ready to bounce back.  Here are five more match-ups for tonight's long round.  Enjoy!

Justin Koon vs. Hunter's Hat Trick
Justin Koon bucked off his bull last night, but he is coming off a big Horizon Series win this past weekend in Arkansas.  His draw for tonight's long round is Hunter's Hat Trick, a bull owned by Shippy Rodeo Bulls.  This bull hasn't been out in the CBR this season, but he is one that can give a rider a score in the mid-to-high 80s.  This match-up could go either way, but I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt to the rider.
My Pick:  Justin Koon

Wrangler Dunda vs. Crush
Wrangler Dunda has had a good overall 2010 season, but he has struggled since returning from the summer break.  Nonetheless, he is still ninth in the season standings.  His long-round draw tonight is Crush, a bull owned by Cooper and Scruggs.  In two CINCH CBR outs this year, he has been ridden once for 87.5 points.  Dunda is overdue to break out of his mini-slump, and this is the perfect bull for it.  This ride will put him in great shape going into the Championship Round, and it won't surprise me if he finds the winner's circle tonight.
My Pick:  Wrangler Dunda

Ardie Maier vs. Schuffler
Ardie Maier rode his long-round bull last night, but he bucked off in the Championship Round.  He will have another chance tonight to shine in his home state.  His long-round draw tonight is Schuffler, a bull owned by Brad Vogele.  He has been out a couple times this season, and Johnathan Brown rode him for 87.5 points in El Paso.  Maier will be ready to go tonight, and he should ride this one and enter the Championship Round in a solid position to contend for the event win.
My Pick:  Ardie Maier

Nate Perry vs. Soul Train
Nate Perry won the first event of the season, but he has struggled a little since then.  He showed signs again in Bossier City a couple weeks ago, so things may be looking up again.  His draw for tonight's long round is Soul Train, a bull owned by Vogele and McKeller.  In six CINCH CBR outs in 2010, this bull has been ridden four times for an average ride score of 88.5 points.  If Perry makes the whistle, he will be in great shape heading into the Championship Round.  However, I'm giving the nod to the bull in this one.
My Pick:  Soul Train

Luke Kelly vs. Luca Brazzi
Luke Kelly was the big winner a couple weeks ago in Bossier City, and he is sitting first in the season standings right now.  He bucked off last night in Huron, but he will be looking to bounce back.  His long-round draw for tonight is Luca Brazzi, another bull owned by Vogele and McKeller.  This bull bucked off Elliot Jacoby last night which is no easy feat here lately, and it looks like Luca Brazzi is maturing and getting better each time out.  Kelly can definitely ride this bull, but I keep picking against this bull and losing.
My Pick:  Luca Brazzi

Championship Round Bulls
Anchor Man
Big Coyote
Walk The Line
Hot Blooded
Good People
Total Package
Pale Rider
Double Up
Thunder Down Under
Ring of Fire
Poker Face
Pushin Cotton