Potential Sleepers in the 2010 CBR World Title Race

The 2010 CBR Tour Finale begins six weeks from today, so it's safe to say the World Title race is entering the home stretch.  We are going to put a heavy emphasis on the top 10 riders at the end of September, but in the meantime, it's important to look at some possible sleeper picks capable of making a move like Elliot Jacoby has the past couple weeks.  There are still plenty of events left to make a big move, and here are five riders we are keeping our eyes on down the stretch.


Jarrod Craig

Jarrod Craig is currently 12th in the CBR standings, and he has had a solid 2010 season.  He has two wins on the Horizon series, including one a few weeks ago in Sterling, Colorado.  His best CINCH CBR Tour finishes this year include a tie for second in Tulsa and a third-place finish a couple weeks ago in Hobbs.  Craig had a very good month of August, and he moved up quite a bit in the standings because of it.  On top of that, he rode well in Huron last season, so he could be a big factor next week when the tour heads north.


Cody White

Cody White is currently 13th in the CBR standings.  He has been in a little slump the last couple weeks, but it's been a pretty consistent 2010 season overall.  His best finishes this year include a second in Tulsa, fourth at El Paso #2, and top-10 finish in Fort Worth.  White may best be known for getting stepped on in Del Rio earlier in the season, but this guy can ride.  He has qualified for the Tour Finale four times, and he will be there again in October.  He definitely has what it takes to ride rank bulls, and he will be one to watch over the next few weeks.


Cooper Kanngiesser

Cooper Kanngiesser seemingly rode everything on his way to a second-place finish in the 2008 standings.  After finishing 22nd in 2009, he seems to be on his way back up this season and is currently 14th.  His highlight this season is a first-round win in Tulsa.  Kanngiesser has been a little banged up in 2010, and he hasn't gone through one of his hot streaks yet.  That leads a lot of people (myself included) to believe he is far overdue for a run.  There is no better time to get hot than the last six weeks of the season.


Bradley Harris

Bradley Harris isn't a rider who gets a lot of hype, but he has serious talent.  Since the Las Vegas event in late-March, he has made at least one qualified ride in every CINCH CBR event he has entered.  The Kansas cowboy won the second round in Tulsa, and he tied for fourth in the first round in Del Rio.  His best finish of the season came just two weeks ago in Hobbs when he rode both bulls, including a 90.5 in the Championship Round, and finished second.  Harris has ridden well lately, and he could definitely be a sleeper the next month and a half.


Bonner Bolton

Bonner Bolton hasn't had a lot of success since winning the CBR World Title in 2007, but it looks like he may have figured things out over the past few months.  He showed signs in Tulsa and Del Rio before the summer break, and it all came together with a fourth-place finish in Bossier City last Saturday.  I've talked to people who said they haven't seen Bolton ride like that in awhile, so it's a good chance he is going to stay hot down the stretch.  He is currently 24th in the standings, but he still has time to make a big move and impact the title race.