CBR Bull Power Rankings: August 2010

The short-go bulls were outstanding, and there were several more in the long-round that were short-go quality as well.  Every month, I'm going to put together a set of power rankings for the animal athletes of the CBR.  The ranking will be based on how the bulls have performed over the last month, so the "what have you done for me lately" philosophy definitely applies.  With the Hobbs and Bossier City events in the rear-view mirror, here are the power rankings for August of 2010.  Enjoy!


1.  Black Gold

Black Gold is my front-runner for 2010 CBR Bucking Bull of the Year, and he didn't disappoint this past weekend in Louisiana.  He bucked Steve Woolsey off in the short-go round and was marked 45 points in the process.  That's nothing new for Black Gold, however, because he has only been marked under 45 points once in eight CINCH CBR outs this season.  Until another bull completely blows me away, he will be at the top of the power rankings.  Vogele and Wilson have a great one here.


2.  Mooseknuckle

Mooseknuckle's average bull score isn't as high as some other bulls in the CBR, but he bucks 110% every single trip.  On top of that, he is hauled to more events than almost every other bull out there.  Mooseknuckle was out in Hobbs and Bossier City, and his bull score was 44.5 both trips.  I thought he was even better than that in Bossier, and that's why he is second on this list.


3.  Directory Assistance

Directory Assistance, also known as 411, has become one of the most popular bulls in the CBR and rightfully so.  His name is catchy, and riders can be 90-plus every time the gate opens.  Like Mooseknuckle, Directory Assistance bucked at Hobbs and Bossier City.  He was ridden both times, and the average ride score was 91 points.  As for the average bull score in those two outs, it was an impressive 45 points.


4.  Wild Nights

Wild Nights, owned by Danny Reagan, blew me away in the short-go in Bossier City.  I don't remember seeing this bull many times before, but he was impressive.  Elliot Jacoby won the short-go on him with 91.5 points.  A bull can often look weaker when a rider sticks it all over him, but Wild Nights kept getting better and better.  His bull score in Louisiana was 45.5 points.  I'm looking forward to watching him again in the near future.


5.  Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket is one of those long-round bulls I mentioned in the opening.  He hasn't bucked in a CINCH CBR event since February, but he returned in a huge way.  He bucked off Cody White to the tune of a 46-point bull score!  In fact, it was the high bull score of the event in Bossier City.  If Jiminy Cricket continues to turn heads like he did this past weekend, he will move up these rankings in a hurry.


6.  Thunder Down Under

Thunder Down Under, a bull owned by Shippy Bucking Bulls, had another good trip this past weekend in Louisiana.  He bucked off Neil Holmes to get the short-go started, and his bull score was 45 points.  Thunder Down Under has had a very consistent 2010 season and will surely get a little attention when it's time to start looking at Bucking Bull of the Year.


7.  Pocket Change

Like Jiminy Cricket, Pocket Change was also a long-round bull in Bossier City.  He bucked off J.W. Harris, and he did it impressively.  The two-time PRCA World Champion had a great day, but the bull was even better.  When all was said and done, Pocket Change received a 45.5-point bull score which was one of the highest of the event.  He will be one to keep an eye on in the future.


8.  White Velvet

White Velvet is owned by Cody Ohl and Circle T Ranch, and he is starting to make a name for himself in the CBR.  This past weekend in Bossier City, he bucked off Aaron Pass in the short-go and was marked 45.5 points.  This bull has the "it" factor bull experts often talk about, and that's going to go a long way in the future.  White Velvet is still maturing, and the sky is the limit.


9.  Fat Jimmy

Fat Jimmy, another bull owned by Lyndal Hurst, is one of the few bulls on this list who bucked in Hobbs and Bossier City.  He bucked off Ardie Maier in New Mexico and was marked 45.5 points, and he bucked off Nate Perry in Louisiana and was marked 44 points.  An average bull score of 44.75 points is always impressive over a two-week stretch.


10.  Speaker of the House

Speaker of the House is another bull that was marked 45.5 points in Bossier City this past weekend, but he was the least impressive of the group.  That being said, it definitely says something about the CBR when this bull is ranked 10th on the list after a 45-plus bull score.  Speaker of the House, owned by Williams/Wilburn, has quietly put together a very consistent 2010 season.


The Next Five:  Mission Top, Double Scoop, Cude Energy, Little White Out, Hit Man.