2010 CINCH CBR Bossier City Recap


The 2010 Eldorado Resort and Casino Tuff Hedeman Louisiana Shootout is in the books, and it was a great night of bull riding.  Luke Kelly won the first round and rode Cude Energy for 90.5 points in the short-go on his way to picking up the event win.  The win moved him all the way to the top spot in the CBR standings.  Elliot Jacoby, who won last weekend in Hobbs, finished second.  The Bossier City event was also the site for the 2010 Bull Team Championship, and Scott Burruss' Wild Card Rodeo Company took home the win and $25,000.  There was a lot of excitement and things to talk about, and here are five thoughts on my mind after the event.


Elliot Jacoby Has Officially Heated Up

Elliot Jacoby originally made a huge impact as a rookie in 2008, finishing fifth in the final standings after only riding in about half the events.  Last year, he cooled off a little and finished in 28th.  After this past weekend's event in Bossier City, it's safe to say he has heated things up again.  Jacoby has ridden his last four bulls on the CINCH CBR Tour, and he has a win and a runner-up finish to show for it.  He rode Directory Assistance for 92.5 points in Hobbs to get the victory, and he rode Wild Nights for 91.5 in Louisiana to end up second.  When this guy gets in the zone, he is nearly unstoppable.  He is now second in the CBR standings and will be a major player coming down the stretch.  It will be hard to bet against this young Texan.


While we are talking about riders to keep an eye on down the stretch, it's worth mentioning Riggin Phillips.  Before the summer break, he finished third at the George Paul Memorial.  After having some success at the Horizon Series the last few months, he finished third this past weekend in Bossier City.  He has now ridden Directory Assistance a couple times for big scores, and it's helped move him up to seventh in the CBR standings.  Phillips has a legitimate chance to win this year's World Title.


Top Bulls From the Event

The judges obviously have the official say on things, but the three bulls that impressed me the most were Mooseknuckle, Black Gold, and Wild Nights.  Lyndal Hurst has a great one in Mooseknuckle, and even though the riders know what he is going to do, he brings it every time.  Ardie Maier came in riding very well, and the bull made pretty short work of him.  Black Gold is my front-runner for CBR Bull of the Year, and he was very impressive bucking off Steve Woolsey in the short-go.  As I mentioned above, Wild Nights was ridden by Elliot Jacoby for 91.5 points in the short-go.  Sometimes a bull doesn't look as impressive when a rider sticks it all over him, but this bull just kept getting better and better as the ride continued.  I can't wait to see him buck again.


Two other bulls worth mentioning are Pocket Change and White Velvet.  Pocket Change was a part of the victorious Wild Card Rodeo Company, and he was the best bull in the long round.  J.W. Harris can ride about anything, and he gave it a great effort.  On that night, however, Pocket Change was phenomenal.  White Velvet bucked off Aaron Pass in the short-go and was tied for high-marked bull of the event with a 45.5.  Cody Ohl and Circle T should be proud because this one will be great for a long time.


Bonner Bolton is Back

Bonner Bolton won the CBR World Title in 2007, but he finished 36th and 40th in 2008 and 2009, respectively.  Before this past weekend's event in Louisiana, he was pretty close to that 40th position again.  Two qualified rides and a fourth-place finish later, things are looking up for the former champ.  The finish moved Bolton up to 24th in the standings, and it should have given him a great deal of confidence moving forward.  It's always great to see riders with so much talent get things back together, and it's even sweeter when they are a former champ.  I'll be keeping an eye on Bolton as this season ends and the 2011 season begins.


Congrats to Wild Card Rodeo Company

I mentioned in the opening that Scott Burruss' Wild Card Rodeo Company won the Bull Team Championship.  Congrats are definitely in order for them, as it was an extremely close finish.  The three bulls on the winning team were Pocket Change, Glory Days, and Hit Man.  Scott Burruss has already had a lot of success with his Bull Team in 2010, and this was definitely the icing on the cake.  He will surely be one of the favorites to do well in 2011.


The two teams closest to Wild Card Rodeo Company were Team Reagan Bucking Bulls and the Women's Fantasy Team, and both deserve some credit as well.  Team Reagan Bucking Bulls finished just one point behind the winners, and the team featured Wild Nights, Crazy Train, and Psycho Todd.  The Women's Fantasy Team finished another half-point back, and their team included Walk The Line, Canadian Cadillac, and Mission Top.  The spotlight may be on the winning team and rightfully so, but these other two finished great as well.


Friday Wright's Struggles Continue

Friday Wright has been in the spotlight the last several months because he has been atop the standings so long.  That being said, it's no secret he has struggled since moving to first place after his win in Fort Worth.  He hasn't covered a bull since on the CINCH CBR Tour, and he was bumped out of the top spot this past weekend after failing to ride his long-round bull.  He is now third in the standings, and maybe that will light a fire in him.  The good news is he is definitely still in the thick of the title race, and one way or another, he will be a factor coming down the stretch.  Hopefully his slump ends sooner rather than later.


Another guy who has had some hard luck is Sam Wilson.  He has had quite a bit of success on the Horizon Series in 2010, and he has moved way up in the standings because of it.  The bad news is he has pretty bad injury issues.  From what Don Gay said on the webcast in Bossier, he has two hernias and a torn groin.  A torn groin for a bull rider is almost like arm trouble for a pitcher.  Wilson is definitely one of the most-talented riders in the CBR, but it's going to be pretty tough for him to move up the standings before the Tour Finale.  He is still sixth in the standings, however, so you never know.