COWBOY CROSSroads with Cicily Cross

 Where does the time go?  I thought I just wrote an article & looked up & I am two months behind.  The CBR 2010 season has taken off with a bang & things are getting pretty interesting.  Now that the new CBR Horizon Tour is underway we are going to see some new faces on the scene real soon.  So I have no idea where to begin so I am just going to start typing & hopefully I can catch you guys up on all the CBR happenings. 

  • Talk about hot in 2010, Friday Wright from Moss Point, Mississippi has taken the 2010 CBR season by storm.  Friday has won the Horizon event in Clovis, New Mexico and then over the past weekend took home a new saddle, buckle, Resistol Hat, HyO Silver Champion Spurs, Cinch Jeans and the Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge title.  With the win in Ft. Worth Friday jumped out into the lead for the Cinch CBR World Standings.
  • Our next stop took us to old El Paso, Texas.  El Paso was two separate events this year with new comer, Nate Perry of Elk City, Oklahoma taking the first day title and Clint Craig of Mena, Arkansas taking the second day honors.  I would like to say a special