Tragedy Destroys Tut Henry's Home

In the early morning of October 23, 2009, fire consumed Tut Henry's home, and destroyed all that he owns.

Tut and girlfriend, Angel, were woken up by their dogs and got out of the door just in time.  If it had been 30 seconds later, they would have been unable to safely escape.  Tut, Angel and the dogs got out just in time, but were choking on smoke as they reached the door to exit their home.

Tut is the owner of the CBR's 2008 Bull of the Year, and Number One Bull on Probullstats, Cochise.  Cochise remains unridden, and is a contender for 2009 CBR Bull of the Year.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tut and Angel, as they begin to pick up the pieces.  They are left with next to nothing, and need any help that others are willing and able to give.

If you would like to help Tut and Angel in their efforts to rebuild their life, please see below...

Bank Information:

Capital One

1312 S. Burnside Ave.

Gonzalez, LA  70737

Please send checks in Care Of: Tut Henry

Clothing Information:

Tut - Boot size 10.5D; Jeans 32 X 38; Hat 7 1/4; Shirt size Large

Angel - Boot size 6B; Jeans 1 X 36; Shirt Size Small

Mailing Information:

Henry Ranch

41350 J.D. Henry Ln.

Gonzalez, LA  70737