CBR Outlaw Meet & Greet Experience

Kassi H. ~ CBR Outlaw Member
Lubbock, TX 2009 Meet & Greet Winner

I was so excited when I learned I won a meet and greet for Lubbock Texas. I grew up watching bull riding with my grandparents. At the Reeh Ranch it was either bull riding or the Grand Ole Opry. They are Brangus Breeders, so being around bulls was nothing new, but seeing those men tie down on huge animals has always intrigued me. I have always, in a way, envied them. They do what they love week after week with no thought of what could happen. They live full speed ahead, no looking back, and they love every bit of it! What I love about the CBR in particular is that God is so present. Everyone prays together before the start of each event. The riders tip their hats, say quiet prayers before getting on a bull and many getting off the bulls. They give glory to Him and thank Him for what they have, which is truly amazing!

My best friend and I got to the event early and were greeted by Katherine and Misty. They were so nice. We were walked down to where the riders and the bulls are. We got to meet some of the riders, bulls and stock contracators. Including Tut Henry, the owner of Cochise! We got to meet the current top three contenders Jarrod Craig, Hugo Pedrero, and Ardie Maier. I couldn't believe how kind and welcoming everyone was. They made us feel right at home back behind the chutes. We got to hang out for a bit in the VIP area and visit with Mr. Tuff Hedeman himself! Afterwards we were lucky enough to visit with some of the riders. Hear about their favorite places to ride, their scariest buck offs, and what they like to do when they aren't riding bulls. It was definitely one of the best and coolest experiences I've ever had! Thank you so much to everyone at the CBR. You are truly a blessing and very much appreciated!

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