CBR Outlaws Blog About their Experience

Read what two lucky CBR Outlaws had to say about their "Behind the Scenes" experiences in Bossier City, LA!!


"I had a great time and would love to share my experience but am not quite sure I can use the proper words it was so awesome. I am so glad the CBR began the fan club and if you use my experience please feel free to cut anything out that you need to. I am looking forward to the CBR coming back to town.

Going behind the scenes in Bossier City was one of the most exciting events in my life. I absolutely love everything about bull riding and seeing what was happening behind the scenes made me love it even more! I love rider and bull alike and being able to walk within 5-10 feet of those massive animals gave me even more respect for the riders. I was so warmly greeted and snatched a few autographs to boot! I was so excited I forgot to ask to take pictures. If you love bull riding become an Outlaw and experience the CBR on a higher level."

Brenda Crawford, CBR Outlaw,  Bossier City, LA



"I was very excited to be picked for the meet and greet at the Tuff Hedeman Louisiana Shootout.
Friday night before the bull riding my husband Harold, my grandson Conner and I was at the Dairy Queen in Carthage, Texas when a trailer hauling 3 bulls pulled up and we asked them where they were headed and they said Bossier City, Louisiana. The bulls in the trailer were Whiskey Bent, Black Magic and Mutts Blues, Coleman and Neuman Bulls. After talking to them we were ready for Saturday night at the CBR!!

The meet and greet wasn't at all what I expected. I thought we would be in a room visiting with a few bull riders. To my delight we got to go down to the restricted access area where the cowboys and BULLS hang out before the event. We were up close and personal with the cowboys and bulls. We saw where the bulls were loaded and unloaded and were able to talk to some of the cowboys as well as get some autographs and take pictures. Thanks CBR for a great Saturday night."

Pam Parrish, CBR Outlaw, Marshall, Texas


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