32nd George Paul Memorial Bull Riding

Stock contracting owners of  highest bucking, speed spinning, scene shifting, bone crushing, award winning bucking bulls in the world await the call from four-time world champion bull rider and three-time George Paul Memorial Bull Riding winner and CBR President Tuff Hedeman to see if their prized animals will be selected to make the trip to Del Rio, TX. Each bull is hand picked by Hedeman based on his bucking ability and only the top bulls will make the cut according to Hedeman. Championship Bull Riding(CBR) members have the entry date circled on their calendar to make the call to be sure they are one of the 41 best bull riders in the country to enter the oldest, continuous bull riding in the world, the 32nd George Paul Memorial Bull Riding, May 2-3, 2009.


Among the bulls selected one will possibly make a bull rider $10,000 richer. Who will be known as the