When Bronson Butcher of Muskogee, Oklahoma, climbed aboard the bull Navajo in round two of the Findlay Toyota CBR World Championship Bull Riding Saturday night in Las Vegas, he only had $100 left in his pocket to make it through the weekend - not an easy task in Vegas. But by the end of the night as one of only three cowboys to ride all three bulls at the finals, Butcher was taking home a check worth $30,500 for placing second in the average.

Butcher rode Chrome Molly for a score of 85.5 in Friday night's first long round. Then Butcher, who is of Cherokee/Creek heritage, rode the bull Navajo to an 87 point ride in the second round. Then in the short round on a re-ride option, Butcher put an 87 point ride on Border Patrol. All scores combined and money earned, put him second in the event standings and he finished fourth in the world standings.

Bonner Bolton from Gardendale, Texas, was named the CBR World Champion and Event Champion.

Butcher, age 23, is on rodeo scholarship and a Native American Learning Scholarship at Bacone College in Muskogee. He started bull riding when he was a little kid.

"Nobody in my family ever rodeod before me. I just saw some guys near my house getting on bulls and thought it looked cool so I tried it. So far it has worked out pretty good for me," said Butcher.

"I just like to enjoy like to the fullest every day and have as much fun as I can. I laugh as much as I can and I like to make other people laugh along the way. That is what I'm all about," said Butcher.

In the future, Butcher says he hopes to become more involved in his tribe and learn more about his heritage. He is on his way to accomplishing those goals as his college specializes in Native American studies.

"My ultimate goal is to keep improving as much as I can and learn something new every time I get on a bull. I would love to go far in the CBR and win enough to be involved in rodeo the rest of my life," said Butcher.

The Findlay Toyota CBR World Championship Bull Riding presented by B&W Trailer Hitches held at the South Point Hotel and Casino Equestrian Center concluded a competitive season of twelve professional bull riding events, which were held across the United States in 2007. The top 45 point earning riders, who represented 19 states and Canada were qualified to the event.

The final top ten in the 2007 world standings are 1) Bonner Bolton of Gardendale, TX, 7097.4 points; 2) Pistol Robinson of Burleson, TX, 4667.1 points; 3) Jarrod Craig, Hillsboro, TX, 3731.1 points; 4) Bronson Butcher, Muskogee,OK, 3514.6; 5) Corey Davis, New Bloomfield, MO, 2623.2; 6) John Jacobs, Timber Lake, SD, 2596.6; 7) Wesley Silcox, Payson, UT, 2594.4; 8) B.J. Schumacher, Hillsboro, WI, 2264; 9) Cole Echols, Frierson, LA, 2256.7; 10) Zack Brown, Santa Fe, TX, 2216.4.

Julie Hinz