Walk This Way At the 31st Annual George Paul Memorial Bull Riding

My name is Walk This Way and I am a bull with Baditude.

The George Paul Memorial Bull Riding is less than two weeks away and I can't wait to get there.

This event has been happening longer than any other bull riding. The history and the contestants that have competed here have made it a legendary event. Every year I've been there, I've listened to announcer Boyd Polhamus talk about all of these things and it makes me proud to be a part of it.

Last year I bucked off Sterling Yancy and Chad Denton in the competition. This year I'm not going to be part of the competition. So why am I so excited for the George Paul?

There's a $10,000 bounty on my head. Tuff Hedeman and Championship Bull Riding have selected me as the bounty bull and all somebody has to do is ride me and they will get $10,000. That will get my blood pumping and believe me, I'll be ready for whoever gets the chance to win.

I'm hoping J.W. Harris might get a shot. I was the bounty bull at the Killeen Rodeo last year and he almost rode me then. He's pretty sticky, but I'm pretty smart. There's another bull rider that is really making a name for himself and that's Chance Smart.

At Rodeo Houston, he rode my Bad Company Rodeo buddy Funky Cole Medina for 91.5 points. Funky told me that the guy has incredible strength and balance, so if he gets a shot, I might add eight rides to my resume. Did I mention that there have been over 100 attempts on me? The percentages are still in my favor.

Watch for some of the young bulls that I have been giving advice to for the past couple of years, including Funky, Crazy Train, Pretty Vegas, and Super Freak. These bulls were born and raised in the Del Rio area, so they also have it in their hearts to do their home town proud. They all have Bad Company Rodeo genetics behind them with fathers like Hammertime, Tequilla, Maniac, and Superstition. Crazy Train bucked off the reigning world champion Wesley Silcox in the semi-finals at Houston. Maybe they'll get a re-match.

I've been home at the ranch, spending time with the cows and watching the next generation of Bad Company Rodeo bucking bulls and heifers arrive. Some of them just happen to look like me, and it's pretty cool to watch them buck and play and know what the future could be for them.

But, I am definitely ready to get back to the arena. While it's been great to be at home, I'm still craving the competition. I want to buck a cowboy off or get him a chance to be 90 points. I hope that happens at the George Paul.

My buddies and I are getting lots of exercise, eating right and will be in great shape for the bull riding. This year's bull riding is going to be one of the best ever! I'm glad you are here to share it with us, because we are ROCKIN on the Rio Grande. If you don't have fun at this event, you might not be breathing.

You can keep up with all my adventures at My name is Walk This Way and I am a bull with BADITUDE.

Susan Kanode