Day 2 at NFR

Fort Worth, Texas (December 5, 2008) It was a good night for CBR riders with a few drawbacks. Good news is, top four finishers at the NFR tonight were CBR riders starting with Steve Woolsey on Silencer and a 87 score followed by JW Harris on Dippin Dots with 86.5, Collin McTaggart on Silent Language, 84, and Cody Hancock on Malibu with 83. The drawbacks are Mike Moore, Douglas Duncan, Spud Jones, Wesley Silcox, BJ Schumacher, and Chance Smart all had tough rides, all ended up with no score. Spud, had an incredible ride on BOB, but unfortunately had a penalty when his free hand inadvertently touched the bull. Wesley Silcox looked to be trampled after being bucked off but was able to walk out of the arena and it was later reported that he was fine and would ride on Saturday night. It