Matt Baldwin
CBR Bullfighter


PERSONAL: Height: 6í1Ē Weight: 187 
DOB: 2/25/1976   
HOMETOWN: Sylvania, AL 
YEARS FIGHTING BULLS: 21 years, since I was 15 
MENTOR: All the old school guys and they know who they are   
OTHER JOB: Owner/operator of construction company
FAMILY: Wife Kristy, sons Eli (Bubba) and Krease   
OTHER SPORTS PLAYED: High school wrestling and some football


Phone App: I donít even have any apps on my phone but I do love to send my wife videos of the kids when she is at work
Work-out Routine: Thatís funny
TV Show: Anything non-fiction and educational
CBR Event: Del Rio
Hats: Resistol  
Movie: The Goonies 
Food: Anything that donít eat me first ha ha. My favorite pre-show meal is steak, salad and sweet potatoes  
Boots: Iím hard on boots and every time a get a new pair is something different
Bull: Cowtown
Road Trip: I fly almost all the time
Favorite Drink: Water
Style of Cinch Jeans: White label

What is the strangest thing in your gear bag? I got stuff that has been in my bag since I started, it just keeps making the trips.
If you werenít fighting bulls you would be: Canít imagine not fighting bulls- itís what keeps me sane.
If you could hang out with anyone who would that be? I wish my both my grandpas were around and I would hang out with them.
Before I go out into the arena I always: stretch and say a prayer- but I pray for othersÖ.
Hobbies: I like working on my race car- I like to dirt track race.