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About CBR

Mission Statement

The CBR is dedicated to maintaining the strength, stamina and integrity of professional level bull riding as reflected in our Mission Statement below.

  1. To promote the sport of professional level bull riding.
  2. To promote the cowboys who participate in professional level bull riding events.
  3. To promote top level and up-and-coming stock contractors who provide high-quality bucking bulls for professional level bull riding.
  4. To provide a venue for cowboys to earn a living in the sport of professional level bull riding with no restrictions.
  5. To provide a friendly and family-oriented experience for both the participants and the fans of professional level bull riding.

What Is The CBR?

For more than a decade, Championship Bull Riding has been injecting strength, stamina and integrity into the sport of professional bull riding. Holding true to its mission to provide bull riders, stock contractors, fans and sponsors with unprecedented opportunity, CBR has propelled the sport forward through innovative ideas and revolutionary new formats. Rooted in cowboy tradition but with an eye on the horizon, CBR remains committed to bettering the future of professional bull riding.

Championship Bull Riding was founded by legendary stock contractor Terry Williams and Texas businessman Joel Logan in 2002. The idea behind the organization was to provide bull riders a more viable way to make a living competing in the sport they love. That notion is supported fully by four-time world champion, Tuff Hedeman. The bull riding icon became CBR President in 2005 and has continued to advocate increased opportunities for riders as an ambassador for the sport.

In 2012, CBR introduced the Eight Seconds (:08) Format, a performance-based payout where every bull rider who makes the whistle gets a check. This design gives every rider a shot at $30,000 in added money per event. The new rider format follows the wildly successful Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge, which provided stock contractors the opportunity to compete with their bulls for record prize money. These new concepts transform bull riding into a 21st-century game while preserving the integrity of the sport.

Championship Bull Riding found a new television home on FOX SPORTS NETWORK (FSN) in 2012. Now, in addition to the 250,000 fans who attend CBR events live each year, 14 million viewers get to see The Road to Cheyenne Tour on FSNs 26 national primetime CBR broadcasts. The move to FSN nearly tripled CBRs viewership proving that American sports fans love a good bull riding regardless of whether theyve ever worn a pair of cowboy boots.

In 2013, the CBR Tour and its subsidiary Horizon Series will visit over 70 venues across the United States. The best of the best will be invited to compete at The Road to Cheyenne CBR Tour Finale, held in conjunction with Cheyenne Frontier Days. This legendary professional rodeo has been a mainstay of cowboy culture since its inception in 1897 and it conveys the strength, stamina and integrity CBR so proudly stands for. The Daddy of em All, as its known, is the perfect venue for CBRs best to showcase the fresh face of bull riding while chasing the traditional cowboy dream the World Championship buckle.

About The CBR

Led by bull riding icon, Tuff Hedeman, Championship Bull Riding, Inc. (CBR) is a nationwide, professional bull riding organization. The CBR Tour events are professionally produced live shows designed to be an adrenaline rush the whole family will enjoy. CBR is broadcast primetime, nationwide, on FOX SPORTS NETWORK (FSN) with over 26 weeks of gripping, television seen by more than 14 million viewers annually. Combined with its subsidiary tour, the Horizon Series, CBR will visit over 70 venues throughout the United States reaching more than 250,000 fans in live attendance this year. CBR is the home of THE REAL COWBOY SPORT - the best bull riders and bulls in the world. We are committed to the riders, the fans, corporate sponsors, and all those involved in the professional bull riding industry. For more information on CBR, please visit or call us today at 817.626.BULL (2855).

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