About CBR

Mission Statement

The CBR is dedicated to maintaining the strength, stamina and integrity of professional level bull riding as reflected in our Mission Statement below.

  1. To promote the sport of professional level bull riding.
  2. To promote the cowboys who participate in professional level bull riding events.
  3. To promote top level and up-and-coming stock contractors who provide high-quality bucking bulls for professional level bull riding.
  4. To provide a venue for cowboys to earn a living in the sport of professional level bull riding with no restrictions.
  5. To provide a friendly and family-oriented experience for both the participants and the fans of professional level bull riding.

What is the CBR?

As a leader in the sport of bull riding, Championship Bull Riding has been in the industry for more than a decade providing fans, stock contractors and our world class riders and bulls the ultimate experience when attending one of our events. We pride ourselves on promoting the sport of professional level bull riding as well as the cowboys who participate in our organization.
Today, our organization is owned by numerous stock holders who have a vision for Championship Bull Riding and are involved in the day to day operations. Under the leadership of Benny H. Cude Jr. and Carl Wilburn, the original goal of providing good stock, good money and insurance for the cowboys has developed into two booming bull riding series where the cowboys and the contractors want to compete.
“There are two things that the fans want to see at a bull riding…one is eight second rides…and the other is high scores.” Tuff Hedeman, an ambassador of our company, said it right! "We aim to get our fans, riders and stock contractors to return time and time again by putting on a great show every time in every town."
Championship Bull Riding found a new television home on FOX SPORTS NETWORK (FSN) in 2012. Now, in addition to the 250,000 fans who attend CBR events live each year, 14 million viewers get to see the Road to Cheyenne Tour on FSN’s 26 national prime time CBR broadcasts. The move to FSN nearly tripled CBR’s viewership proving that American sports fans love a good bull riding regardless of whether they’ve ever worn a pair of cowboy boots.
Championship Bull Riding would not be where it is without the support of our national and local partners. We want to thank our sponsors for the generous patronages and continued support season after season.

About The CBR

Championship Bull Riding (CBR) is an organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the very best elements of the sport. Under the direction of bull riding icon Tuff Hedeman, CBR has grown into an organization that works to put the best riders on the best bulls, delivering world-class qualified rides. Bull riders start in the Horizon Series earning points to move onto the elite Road to Cheyenne Tour. The Road to Cheyenne Tour culminates in July in Wyoming at the legendary Cheyenne Frontier Days where the World Champion earns a $100,000 bonus. The CBR Bull Team Challenge is also part of the tour events where stock contractors bring their best bulls and compete for annual cash prizes that total over $1 million. Providing opportunities for contestants, stock contractors, fans and sponsors is why CBR is the REAL COWBOY SPORTtm. CBR is featured at over 70 venues across the United States with national television programming on the Fox Sports Networks for 26 consecutive weeks in prime time. For more information visit www.cbrbull.com or call (817) 626-BULL (2855).

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Media Contact: Please contact Leigh Ann Schroeder at (940) 902-1112 or leighann@theshortround.com.